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Assignment 4 - Total marks for Assignment 4 (100 marks)

Part 4.1 - Questions about various short stories

Assignment 4 -Total marks for Assignment 4 (100 marks)

Note: All of your answers and compositions in Assignment 4 will be evaluated according to the quality of your writing. Your short answers should be well written and your longer compositions well organized, developed, supported, structured, and written.

Assignment Part 4.1

Marks for Part 4.1 (15 marks) (3 marks each, except for #3, which is worth 6 marks)

1. In “Identities” by D. Valgardson (Inside Stories III 4–6), the protagonist stereotypes people and this in turn influences his behaviour as he prepares to get out of his Mercedes. Who or what does he stereotype and how does this influence his behaviour?(3 marks)


2. “If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth . . . ” by Arthur Clarke mentions “Armageddon” on page 404 of Inside Stories III. What is Armageddon an allusion to? (Check a dictionary or encyclopedia if you are unsure.) And why is it fitting? (3 marks)


3. In “Black Walls” by Liu Xin?Wu (Inside Stories III 33–41), the author uses Little Button as an unbiased observer, unhindered by cultural baggage, to provide us with In 50–80 words, explain how Little Button is an unbiased observer. Provide two examples. (6 marks)


4. In “Miss Brill” by Katherine Mansfield (Inside Stories III 57–61), there are extensive observations (presumably Miss Brill’s thinking) about the people Miss Brill sees on her Sunday outing. What is ironic about her impressions of the “Other people [who] sat on the benches and green chairs,” as described in the first paragraph of page 59? (3 marks)


Assignment Part 4.2

Marks for Part 4.2 (29 marks)

1. In “A Woman without Prejudice” (Inside Stories III 432–435), what do you learn about prejudice? (6 marks)


2. These questions are related to “Behind the Headlines” by Vidyut Aklujkar (Inside Stories III 137–143). Answer each question in a complete (3 marks—1 mark each)

a. How is it appropriate that Hariharan will find his weekender filled with newspapers?

b. Why is it ironic that Lakshmi was planning to go to the Crisis Centre that afternoon (soon after her husband’s flight time)?

c. How is the outcome of the 1990 occupation of Kuwait, which later resulted in Kuwait regaining independence, relevant to Lakshmi?


3. After reading “Invitations,” by Carol Shields, Inside Stories III, pages 27–31, write a new (20 marks)


Assignment Part 4.3

Marks for Part 4.3 (10 marks)

The following paragraph contains ten grammar and usage errors. Cross out the error and highlight the correction in bold type.

In Wayson Choy’s short story titled The Jade Peony, the grandmother prepares her family for her death. “I can’t last forever,” she explains (Choy 113). In The Snow Walker, Kanaalaq did the same for Charlie. When a person dies, relatives should bury them with their tools, as Charlie learns. In the short story, the grandmother makes a wind chime that her family will hang after her death. When they are sad, her spirit will uplift they’re spirits with the chime’s music. Similarly, the white owl in the film is strong, graceful, and is often present.

Reminding the audience of Kanaalaq, people may even wonder if the owl is somehow her.

Assignment Part 4.4

Marks for Part 4.4 (6 marks)

You studied Thomas King’s Medicine River in Module 2 and “Buffalo Hunters” in Module 3 before studying “Totem” (Inside Stories III 119–122) in Module 4. In a paragraph of 50–80 words, discuss the insights you gained from your earlier study of Thomas King’s writing that helped you to appreciate “Totem.”

Assignment Part 4.5

Marks for Part 4.5 (40 marks)

With reference to “The Shining Houses” by Alice Munro (Inside Stories III 15–25), in a traditional five?paragraph essay of 350–500 words discuss the character (or characteristics) of Mary.

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