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Guidelines for Writing a Sociology Term Paper

Body of the essay

Journal articles are not found in encyclopedias, wikapedia, dictionaries, news articles, magazines, Your journal articles must come from a peer reviewed journal. I strongly suggest you use the socio abstracts resource which can be found at the harriot irving library as this will provide you with a lot of options in regard to content. If you experience difficulty during the research phase, contact someone at the library as they provide excellent guidance in doing journal research.

Note marks will be deducted for late papers. It is important that you check your work over to ensure that your thoughts are expressed in a manner that others can understand what you are attempting to communicate to them. Check for spelling errors, incorrect sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and format as these will influence your mark. The format of the paper will follow apa guidelines (information for this format can be found on the unb hil website and on the moodle 1006 course webpage. You will use appropriate titles for each section of your paper (introduction, body of the essay, summary, and conclusion as i have demonstrated below) and sub-sections within the body of the essay. This has two benefits, the writer can more easily construct a logical paper, and readers can more easily determine what information they are encountering. Poorly written papers will have marks deducted. It is very important that you use proper citation for any information (idea / thought / concept) which is not your own. Failure to do so is plagiarism and will be penalized according to the rules set out in the stu undergraduate calendar. Instructions the major sections presented below are necessary for you to construct a well laid out paper, and see reverse side. You might find subsections of use as well. The use of headings as demonstrated will ensure you include each section, and makes it easier for the reader to identify where the various sections begin and end. The term paper for soci1006 will begin with a title page which includes the following, in order, a title, your name and student number, course name and number, instructors name, and date. A title should be short, relevant to the topic you will be discussing, and should not include words unrelated to the topic such as “term paper,” “research paper,” Or “essay.” abstract: Include an abstract but remember that it is not to be included as part of the word count of the paper. (10 pts) introduction the first section of your paper will be an introduction which briefly indicates what you intend to discuss within the body of the paper. This information should be organized so as to outline the order of your discussion (approx. 150-200 words). Many find it easier to write the introduction after they have composed their papers but some of us use our introductions to organize our thoughts and guide us through the presentation of material body of the essay (use an appropriate section name, one that fits your discussion, do not use “body of the essay”) the body of the essay will present the social issue you have chosen to write about. In this section you will provide a discussion of the topic mostly based on information from your journal articles and “marginally” From other sources you may wish to include such as the text book, web, media,


You should construct the discussion and outline the issues in a manner that provides an opportunity for you to draw conclusions from, or critique, the material. (in the last section of your paper, the discussion or conclusion, you may choose to support the social issue or phenomena you have decided to write about, you may opt to critique the issue, or you may find that there are both positive and negative aspects to it. However, in this section, the body, keep the material, or your discussion of it, factual.) it is important to keep your presentation orderly, with a flow, and well laid out. Building a strong case in this section will allow for a much easier composition of the final section of your paper, the discussion or conclusion. It is useful to use sub-headings in this section of the paper. It is important to note that marks will be deducted if you do not have the two journal articles that tie into your issue / discussion conclusion or discussion next, compose a conclusion in which you consider the issues you have presented above. In this section you will discuss, or draw conclusions, from an analytical perspective. Certainly not an exhaustive list, but some of the things you might consider are as follows:

What are the personal / see reverse side. Social consequences of the issue?

Does the issue benefit or denigrate social interactions or relations? Are there social benefits (manifest functions) associated with the issue? What might be done to enhance or mitigate the consequences of the issue (awareness, law, policy, educatiom bibliography / references the final section of your paper is where you put in the information that allows for the reader to find the works you have cited. It is important that you follow the apa format as stressed above from the syllabus: All essays must be typed and electronically submitted in ms word or word perfect format and submitted as an e-mail attachment to important - documents must be in a format that can be opened in either msword 2010 or word perfect 12. Acceptable formats are as follows: Doc, docx, rtf, txt, wps, and wpd. Formats such as .pages or documents saved on servers to be shared will not be accepted.

I will confirm receipt of assignments by e-mail. If you do not received confirmation that i have received the assignment and that it is accessible to me within 12 hours, it is your responsibility to contact me about the assignment as it will be considered late. File names, not e-mail subject lines, must adhere to the following naming convention: Yourlastname, firstinitial (or name), assignment#, and whatever else you wish. For example, mccoy, r assign1 learned genderfication.

Each paper which is not maned in this way will have 10 points deducted. Comment to reduce the amount of work required to write a good paper it is advisable to put together a proposed outline in the near future. As the course progresses and you engage in the lectures, discussions, and readings you will be able to adjust your outline and make corresponding notes which reflect personal points of interest, experiences, and observations. This should save time as you will have less review work when you begin to write. It should also enhance the quality of your paper as you will be noting experiences and observations as they come to mind during your course and personal activities.

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