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Designing Group Programs: Planning and Implementation

Length of Group

Describe how long is the group is expected to run for. Does the group process h time frame or are you intending it to be on-going? Explain why?


Present a plan of the group sessions (if the group is going to be a more open-ended suppo group, then you will still need to provide a plan for the first four - six sessions). Explain why you have developed the plan this way? Provide a detailed outline of the first session for your group. Explain why this session designed this way? 


Explain the steps you will take to maintain the group process and manage difficult grou dynamics. Remember that designing group programs is not an exact science, but rather depends on the n you are aiming to address and the unique characteristics of the target group - geographic locat resources available. For example, do members require assistance with travel to attend the grou sessions? If so, how is this going to be funded? These variables often mean that group facilitato need to get creative in their planning so that things run smoothly. In order to write your plan, conform to an essay style document. If you do this, you ca tables to present your outline of the planned sessions and the timeline. 

o Appropriate title
o Appropriate non-copyrighted image (cited and referenced where necessary) related to the topic
o Your full name, student number and date of submission (see above)
o A title page should look neat and tidy and not thrown together. Rule of thumb:centre your information.

Contents (cited and referenced where necessary)
o You don’t need to retype the question as I know what they are. Just ensure that you have answered all aspects of the question(s) that are listed.
o The 4 bullets are 4 sets of questions that you must answer therefore your submission should be in the format of:
1. (6 marks) – 0 marks if you don’t explain why for either inclusion/exclusion
2. (10 marks) Here you will need to find some materials that you will include, cite and reference appropriately.
3. (4 marks) Don’t just tell me which ones, remember to include why you are choosing them. What’s your justification?
4. (6 marks) Check that it works is not an answer! Business and HR is all about measuring. So what will you measure? And when?

o Each answer section should be no longer than 2 pages in MSWord (excluding any embedded images you might use). Therefore, your contents section should not exceed 8 pages. 2 mark deduction for each answer that is longer than 2 pages.
- Reference section: must follow APA guidelines otherwise marks will be deducted, 1mark for each error that does not follow APA standards.
Appendix: A place for you to put materials that might relate to what you are discussing in the 4 question sections. Do not make me go looking for lots of information in this section. It is only there for your future use so that you can easily refer to the materials
later. For example, if a table or image is longer than a page then you would put it in the Appendix so that you don’t have to shrink it to a size that is too small to read in the body of your Contents section. An Appendix is not a dumping ground for a bunch of
documents you found while doing research. If you are not referring to tables or data that don’t fit in the main part of your document then don’t put the source in the Appendix!

Formatting: Font size 12, in one of the following three font styles (Calibri, Times New Roman or Arial) – marks deducted if other font sizes or styles are used. Use double or
1.5 lines spacing. Do not single space.
Spelling, grammar and formatting deductions. 1 mark for every error up to 10 - beyond which a mark of zero is assigned for the case.
Submission must be a .pdf document otherwise no marks. Remember to view your document before you upload. Make sure it looks okay to you and that you are uploading the correct version of your document. Only one upload is allowed so check
first before uploading!

Submission must be submitted on time via Moodle upload point. Do not email to me Emailed submissions will not be accepted unless you have proof why Moodle is not working for you. Not being able to upload within the last 10 minutes before the deadline will not be accepted as a reason.

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