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Nature of Globalization and Its Effects on the Modern World

Impact of globalization on economies, business, technology, and culture


The question of the research is, how has globalization shaped the modern world? The reason of researching this specific question is that it will try to answer the following thoughts. It is a matter of speculation that how this fast-paced world has developed and how lifestyles, economies, business, and technology have been converged so much. The paper will try to analyze the impact of Globalization behind these converging of different aspects. The influence of the leading countries in advancement on others countries and rise of a blended cross-culture society is the key element that helped to develop this question.

CBC News. 2014. "Made in Bangladesh - the fifth estate." Oct 3.

The main research question in the video is that after the cloths that had been bound for Canada had been noted as being in the rubble of Rana Plaza, the companies in Canada reacted with a surprise: how could the tragedy take place? The video addresses how there have been plenty of clothes with the label ‘Made in Bangladesh”, but prior to the deadly collapse of some subject garment factor in the country in April, 2021, a majority of us have the thought on the people who had been making them. The video also looks at the experience Mark Kelly had of going to Bangladesh and tracking down the works that say they are still undergoing forced labor to make clothes for Canada in such conditions deemed dangerous. It can also be noted how Kelly went behind bars for an exclusive interview with one of the jailed owners of a factory that was among the biggest in Rana Plaza.

Chan, Jenny, and Pun Nga. 2010. "Suicide as Protest for the New Generation of Chinese Migrant Workers: Foxconn, Global Capital, and the State." The Asia-Pacific Journal 8 (37). Accessed Sept 13, 2021.

The authors details facts such as how a whole 13 young workers tried committing suicide at the two different Foxconn production facilities in the southern China from January to May 2010. There has been a need of interpreting their acts of protest against the global regime of labor that is widely practiced in China. The main question being addressed in the research article includes: How can the condition of the working lives of the new generation of the immigrant workers of China better addressed? Such comes after a consideration that the defiant deaths demand that the society reflect on the costs that come with state-promoted models of development that sacrifices dignity for the corporate profit for economic growth. The author also outlines how the conditions of the Chinese migrant labors as was articulated by the subject state, had been shaped by the intertwined force, the initial was leading to the international brands adopting to unethical practices.

Gunawardana, Samanthi J. 2021. "Clothing." Accessed Nov 13, 2021.

The research article looks at the experience and working conditions the “Juki girls” have had to undergo. The experience is not an uncommon, as it’s indeed one that has been face in the southern side of the globe many times. The discussion begs the question: Does liberating young women form the authority of their patriarchal households only in subjecting them to male bosses’ authority a commonplace manner in which such may happen.  The stereotype of the docile feminine labor is also mentioned as being an advantage of the capital, as the flexibilities offered. Such includes the ability of working longer hours in meeting the demanding orders coming from international buyers, and also the absence of the ‘regidities’ such as collective bargaining needs. The author also looks at the potential and real violence discipline that women have been ascribed roles.

The purpose of this research is to analyze how globalization has shaped the modern world and its various environments. This research paper will argue the importance and impact of globalization on the known external environments in the world and how it has been playing the role of a key driver for a globally integrated society.

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