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Connecting China with the World: A Study of China's Role in Global Relations

List of Topics

The Term Paper


Over the past decade, China has emerged as a new political, economic, and military power on a planetary scale, which makes this nation an essential site in the study of global connections. I have designed your term paper as an opportunity for you to guide some of your own learning about China’s rapidly evolving place in our interconnected world. Your term paper is due on brightspace on December 9. You must choose one of the topics listed below and discuss three connections between China and specific countries, cities or towns in at least two other world regions (see the sample outline at the end of this document). Your paper can be descriptive, by which I mean you are not required to provide a thesis statement or formulate an overarching argument.

 List of topics (Please c hoose only one) :


1. China’s Belt and Road Initiative as a source of connections between the East Asia region and specific places in other world regions.

2. China’s crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong as a source of connections between the East Asia region and specific places in other world regions.

3. China’s role in global supply chains as a source of connections between the East Asia region and specific places in other world regions.

4. China’s treatment of ethnic Uyghurs in Xinjiang province as a source of connections between the East Asia region and specific places in other world regions.

5. China’s street fashion as a source of connections between the East Asia region and specific places in other world regions.

6. China’s pursuit of dominance in science and technology as a source of connections between the East Asia region and specific places in other world regions.  


Content and formatting requirements:

• The required length for your paper is three to four pages double-spaced, plus a title page and a references page. By not exceeding the page limit you will demonstrate crucial synthesizing skills.

• In the opening paragraph, indicate what the main topic is and briefly explain its significance (in other words, briefly give one or two reasons why you find it an important topic to research and write about).

• In the body of the paper, use separate sections to discuss each of the three global connections you identified.

• As part of your discussion, explain the connections you identified and name the specific places and world regions where the connections are established or maintained.

• Please use descriptive headings to signpost the connection you discuss in each section of your paper.

• Using footnotes, define two or three important words or specialized terms used in your paper. Do not include definitions of terms that were defined in the assigned textbook or in lecture.

• In the closing paragraph, conclude with a summary of the global connections you discussed.

• Include a references list in APA citation style, listing only the sources cited in the essay (use a minimum of four and a maximum of eight credible sources). Do not include an abstract or a running header.

• Remember to include page numbers. Please do not include illustrations in your paper.

• Save your essay as a PDF file, using your last name and student ID as the file name. Submissions that are not in PDF format or do not follow the file name requirements will not be accepted.

• You must submit you


Types of research sources allowed:

• Peer-reviewed academic articles and books
• Credible press publications
• Credible grey literature
• Please do not cite material from the lectures or from the assigned text book. Read Carleton University's webpage "Evaluating sources" and consult with a librarian if you have any doubts about the credibility of a source.


? The paper conforms to the required length.
? The main topic and its significance are laid out in the introduction.
? Each of the three identified connections to specific places in at least two explicitly named world regions is relevant to the topic and has been explained in its own section of the paper.
? The explanation of each global connection is supported with cited evidence obtained from the types of research sources described above.
? Two or three pertinent concepts or terms used in the paper are defined in footnotes.
? The conclusion summarizes the connections presented in the body of the paper.
? The research sources cited in the paper are reported in APA style (in-text & in the reference list).
? The paper has been carefully edited to ensure the quality of writing meets the expectations of a second year paper.


Sample outline:

Suppose one of the assigned topics is "Military presence abroad as a source of connections between the North America world region and specific places in other world regions". The outline of your paper could then look like the one below.

Introduction [State the topic and why it matters]:

1. The US military's Thule base in Greenland [Source of connections No. 1] - Global connection to explain: Diplomatic relationship between the US and Denmark
that enables the base to continue to operate (connection to world region: Europe)

2. Canada's membership in NATO [Source of connections No. 2] - Global connection to explain: Flow of personnel from Canada to NATO headquarters
in Belgium to help run the organization (connection to world region: Europe)

3. Canada's military mission in Mali [Source of connections No. 3] - Global connection to explain: Flow of military personnel and equipment from Canada to
Mali to carry out the mission (connection to world region: Sub-Saharan Africa)

Conclusion [Use full sentences to sum up your three global connections]

Note: how this outline meets the requirement of naming three specific places (Denmark, Belgium, and Mali) in at least two world regions (Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa)

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