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Writing a Descriptive Paper on a Scientific Topic

Assignment Overview

In  this  assignment,  you  will  apply  concepts  learned  in  the  Information  Management  and Written  Communication  Workshops  to  write  a  ~2  page  review  of  a  scientific  topic.  It  is  a descriptive paper, meaning you are being asked to describe a process and/or phenomenon.  

In  order  to  do  this  effectively  you  need  to  find  and  understand  appropriate  journal articles, select the relevant information and put it together in your own words clearly and concisely.  It is also just as important that you cite your sources both in the form of in-text citations  and  a  reference  list  (referencing  format  found  in  the  Information  Management Workshop). 
You must use a minimum of TWO articles to write your assignment. The first has been provided for you but you will need to find your next article on your own (using skills learned in the Info Management Workshop) The second article MUST be a primary research article.  This article should be a study in which “The cellular immune response to the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)” was applied in a biological context.  It is up to you to decide the what to specifically focus your paper on! 
Your assignment must include the following components in the order listed: 
Ø The  supplied  cover  page  containing  all  the  requested  information.  (does  not  count toward page limit) 
Ø The content portion of your assignment must be formatted as follows: 
  1½-2 pages in length, double-spaced.  (Do not include figures or diagrams.) 
  Font: 12 point Times New Roman, black ink 
  Indentation: 10 spaces 
  Margins: 1 inch margins on all sides (top, bottom, left side, right side) 
  Alignment: Left justify   

Ø  A separate page containing your list of references.  At least 2 references must be used Please  use  the  information  management  workshop  to  learn  how  to  cite references using the accepted format.  Your target audience is first year molecular and cellular biology students. Your content should be focused on the molecular and cellular level.
NOTE:  Plagiarism  is  a  form  of  academic  misconduct  and  will  be  dealt  with  very seriously.  Cases of suspected plagiarism will be reported to the chair of the department for further  investigation. To  ensure  this  does  not  happen  to  you,  take  the  time  to  read  the “Avoiding Plagiarism” section of the Written Communication workshop on CourseLink.   This  is  not  a  group  effort.    You  must  work  on  the  assignment  independently.    If  your assignment  closely  resembles  the  efforts  of  another  student,  both  assignments  will  be investigated and appropriate action will be taken. 

There are NO extensions.  Plan ahead.  A late penalty of 4 marks out of a possible 16 marks (25%) will be deducted, beginning at 1 minute past the deadline, for each 24 hour period you are late.  If you have grounds for academic consideration, the weight of the assignment will be transferred to your final exam.  To avoid last minute emergencies, submit early.

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