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Poverty, Low Income, and Homelessness: Examining Social Injustice

Types of Poverty measurements

We need answer of these seven question with apa reference word limit for one .so Poverty and low income are important correlates with the lack of economic security in our society, especially that of homelessness. These are significant social justice issues in our country and community. This Discussion Forum examines these issues and asks for your opinions on this social injustice.

1. There are many types of "poverty" measurements described in our course materials. Please define/ describe Statistics Canada's "Low Income Cut-Off", and the "Deprivation Index" and "Capability Index" referred to in the text and PPTs. What are their key characteristics? How do they further this justice analysis?

2. What is a "Guaranteed Annual Income"? Please define/ describe this income support concept. Note that there are two general types. Please distinguish between them.

3. Considering the components of economic security, especially that of homelessness, do you think that a Guaranteed Annual Income of some type would reduce, or even eliminate, the incidence of homelessness in our community? Why, or why not? What are the benefits or drawbacks of this policy approach? Are there other factors to consider? Please discuss. Example: There was such a program in Ontario, but the Government of Ontario, under Premier Ford, decided to cancel the program. See the news article uploaded on URCourses. What is your impression of the program and its cancellation? What about the Stockton, California, example?

4. Consider the Statistics Canada data on low income and homelessness, and the news articles posted on URCourses. The data reveals that many groups in society experience homelessness, much of it "hidden" from our view. Many "working poor" are on the brink of homelessness at any given time. Please discuss the situation of one such group of persons facing homelessness. What circumstances and factors are relevant? What did you learn about this group's lived experience that you weren't aware of before?

5. There are articles uploaded on URCourses about homelessness being eradicated, or significantly reduced, in particular cities. Which article resonates with you? Why do you think the policies in that city are particularly effective? What is important about their approach? Please discuss.

6. What about the homelessness situation in Regina? There is data being collected annually on the number of homeless persons in Regina, and the Department of Justice Studies at the University of Regina prepared a Homelessness Report for the City in 2013 (See the report and news articles uploaded on URCourses). What are your views about homelessness in Regina? Who is especially vulnerable to being or becoming homeless? Could we implement programs used by the other cities in Regina, as seen in the news articles? Please discuss.

7. In your view, what are some of the most important justice considerations in analyzing homelessness? Who is affected? When you consider the 3 Frames of Justice (formal, substantive and ethical practice), how do they assist in helping us address the issue of homelessness? Are all 3 frames present or lacking? Please discuss.

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