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Developing Leadership Skills: A Term Project

Examination of the Leader

1 Emulating successful leaders.

2 Finding a mentor to provide feedback.

3 Completing a leadership course.

4 Working to develop personal traits of patience and empathy.

5 Practicing acts of leadership in our everyday lives Each of these, on some level,implies deeper study and thought on things we observe,things we read,and things we do.This term project asks students of leadership to do a deep analysis of a leader they find particularly interesting.Students will critically apply various leadership concepts studied throughout the semester,and build a case to support their explanation of his/her leadership effectiveness.

1.Students will choose a leader to examine and analyze,and send the name to the instructor for approval.

2.Late submissions will be accepted,with 5 mark penalty for each day late.

3.Papers will contain the following key topical areas in order to align with the marking rubric included at the end of these instructor notes.

a.Introduction to the Leader–Highlight key outcomes or accomplishments of this Leader Who is this person? What have they done?

b.Examine how they lead themselves–How are they perceived by the public?

c.Examine how they lead others–What is their reputation as a leader of people?

d.Examine how they lead their organizations–What distinguishes them in their role?

e.Summarize your overall assessment of their leadership style and effectiveness.

f.Include some final remarks relating what kind of leader you want to be one day to the style of your chosen leader.How are you similar? How are you different? If this is a eader you want to emulate one day,what can you do to further develop your leadership skills towards a similar style?Students are required to use to ensure that their content is original or properly cited and that there are no suggestions of plagiarism.

The goal for your assignment is for you to invent a country.Use the knowledge you’ve gained in the course to both invent a hypothetical country  fictional countries from literary or pop culture sources may be used in this assignment and explain certain aspects of the population’s history,biology,and health based on the attributes of this country.This will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of evolutionary theory, modern human variation,skeletal biology,epidemiology,and demography.You will provide information about the history and environment of the country, as well as current social and economic life.

You will use your knowledge from the first term to explain how to explain the history and context of the country have shaped past and present human biology.All responses in this assignment must be unique to you, and you may not base your responses on any current, real country or any known fictional country.All answers must be provided in standard written format.You must complete this assignment independently.You may use your notes from the term to assist you.All assignments must be submitted via Quercus in Word or PDF format.No other formats will be accepted.

Analysis of Leadership Effectiveness

1 A description of the country

2 Answers to the prompts provided

3 Your self-reflection 

1 Every country has some environmental and climate attributes,and your country is no different.Here you must explain what the environment is like,and how it may have shaped human variation.

2 Describe the general environment of your country. Include the overall climate seasonality,temperature,etc.,as well as two ecological or geographic features.Based on the climate that you have outlined, what types of climate adaptations might be present among the people who currently live in your country?Provide two specific examples related to the features outlined above, noting both the long-term type of adjustment that has occurred in the population and a short-term type of adjustments visitors to your country may undergo if they visited.

3 An archaeological excavation was recently conducted in your country.Researchers excavated human skeletal remains and were able to conduct bioarchaeological analyses on the human remains recovered to learn more about life in the past.

4 Outline three different methods that were used in this excavation to learn more about the skeletons recovered from this new archaeological site.Provide the name of the method,what can be learned about life in the past using this method,and what was learned from these excavated skeletons.Describe how this information clarifies what life was like for the occupants of your country in the past.

5 A genetic study was recently undertaken for the population of your country.Citizens voluntarily donated their DNA for analysis.Researchers have been able to identify some interesting genetic variables and evolutionary processes that affected your population.

6 Your population has a unique distribution of a classic Mendelian trait.Define what a Mendelian trait is and describe the nature of the Mendelian traitdiscovered in your population.Connect this Mendelian trait to a historical,cultural,or archaeological event in your country’s past.

7 Researchers were able to identify that two of the four main forces of evolution acted on your population.Define two forces of evolution and describe how you know each of these forces of evolution have impacted your population based on the genetic variation observed.You may need to compare your population to another population to demonstrate your points in this example.

1 Think about contemporary life in your country.Begin to outline the social and economic factors that may affect the health and biology of your population.

2 What epidemiological transition or stage is your country in ? 

3 What is the economic context of your country and is there an even or uneven distribution of wealth?How would you describe the nature of social support in your country?Based on these characteristics,identify three social determinants of health that are affecting patterns of health and disease in your population,including both the determinant and how it shapes patterns of health and disease.

4 Demographers have recently published a new population pyramid for your country.

5 What demographic stage is your country in ?Connect this to the history of your country and contemporary life in your country as outlined in your prior responses.Draw a pyramid that matches the scenario you’ve created.Use twenty-year age cohorts to simplify your pyramid.Label all axes.Explain the distribution of the population across the generational twenty-year age cohorts included in your pyramid.

6 A new infectious disease is coming. The population must begin to ready itself as this new pathogen becomes more prevalent.

7 Once this disease emerges,is it epidemic, endemic, or pandemic in its distribution? Why is this the case?Explain the type of vector that is involved with this new disease,and briefly outline how it moves through the chain of transmission.Based on the social and economic context of your country, how do you predict it will be distributed across the country?Refer back to the current social and economic conditions in your country,as well as the social determinants of health outlined previously.

  1. What did you learn?
  2. What challenges did you face while completing this assignment?
  3. How did you overcome these challenges?
  4. How successful do you think you were with your final product?
  5. What do you think you could have done better?

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