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American Society, Culture, and Government: Unique and Superior Qualities

The Influence of American Revolution on U.S. Constitution

1. Is there anything about the roots of American society, culture and/or government that make it unique or superior to other nations? If so, explain.

2. How did the American Revolution influence the U.S. Constitution? Explain.

3. Why did the Articles of Confederation fail? Explain.

4. Does the American federal system give too little power to the federal (national) government in Washington D.C., or too much power (at the expense of the states and the people)? Explain.


5. With respect to the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, should the Constitution be applied to today’s American society as written, verbatim, or should it be interpreted and understood through a perspective of a changing, evolving society? Explain.


6. Has the significant contradiction (or hypocrisy) in the U.S. Constitution  and American society, with respect to freedom, equality and civil rights, been eradicated, or does it still exist in America today? Explain.


7. When comparing the American federal system of government and the Canadian Parliamentary system of government, which is superior? Why? (Consider which is more effective, democratic, logical, practical, etc.)


8. Who is more powerful within their own countries, the U.S. President or the Canadian Prime Minister? Why?


9. Does the U.S. federal bureaucracy need to be reformed? If so, how and why?


10. Has the modern U.S. Supreme Court become too powerful? Why or why not?


11. What role has political ideology played in the development of American culture and thinking? Explain.


12. Why are there only two major political parties in the U.S.? Explain. 


13. Should the way election campaigns are financed be reformed in the U.S? Why or why not?


14. Why has voter turnout increased dramatically in the U.S. in the last few national elections? Explain.


15. Why are research budgets shrinking generally at most U.S. news media producers? What is the impact of this trend? Explain.


16. Do interest groups help or hinder the U.S. political system? Explain.


17. Has so-called ‘Obama-care’ improved the U.S. health care system? Why or why not?


18. Is it better to keep growing the U.S. national debt and continue funding and expanding government programs, or should spending on programs be cut in order to reduce the debt? Explain.


19. Should the U.S. become more involved in international matters, both politically and militarily, or should it step back and focus more on its domestic issues and challenges? Explain.

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