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PSYCH101 Psychology

?INTRODUCTION: Introduce the topic generally and gently, introduce key issues, key ?definitions, and be sure to invite inquiry. 
This is the main body of your paper containing answers to each of the questions provided in the assignment
This provides an over-all summary of your analysis, showing trends and directions. Integrate all of the issues you raised in your analysis. Draw some logical conclusions. 
Alphabetical order: USE APA STYLE. (APA Style sheet to be posted) Lists specific information necessary to locate the author’s work cited in your paper. You will likely only need to cite your textbook.

The paper must reflect your ability to:
Apply several psychological concepts and provide the rationale for your choices. Be sure to use refer to the GLOSSARY in yourTEXTBOOK as a reference to clearly define ALLkey terms. Assume the reader does not have any knowledge or expertise on the topic. Also, be sure to include DIRECT QUOTES from characters in the movie to help support your claims. 

Do NOT re-cycle assignments. It is not acceptable to hand in an old paper from another psychology class. Do this one from scratch. N#1
Be sure to cover all the questions. Remember you may use more than one character in answering the questions. 
1. Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development. Chapter 3 pp. 69-106 According to Erikson what is basic trust? What is key to acquiring it? In regards to Will Hunting what is one of the arguments his therapists (Sean MacGuire) makes in relation to his childhood experiences and trust?  Do our early attachments form the foundation of adult relationships?
Developmentally, where would your character be in his/her Stages of PersonalityDevelopment? Do they seem to stay in one area or fluctuate over the course of the movie?Remember Pay close attention to the ages associated with each of the stages. Are there any limitations or problems with Erikson’s theory?
2. Ainsworth’s Theory of Attachment. Chapter 3 pp. 69-106 What is Ainsworth theory based on? How did she develop the different types of attachment? Why is it important for children to form a secure attachment with their caregivers? What are the four (4) levels of attachment we discussed in class? Has Will formed a secure attachment with his caregivers? How would you categorize Will’s level of attachment? What are the implications of his level of attachment for his future development as an adult? 
3. Clearly Define Defense Mechanisms. Chapter 12 pp.339-361 Who created them?Define the concept of a defense mechanism.What defense mechanism is central to all others? What purpose do defense mechanismsserve? Choose any three (3) Defense Mechanisms from the following list, clearly define it and provide a detailed example of acharacter engaging in it from the movie. 
4. Psychotherapy pp. Chapter 14 pp. 401-425 What is psychotherapy? Briefly describe psychoanalysis. What are the goals? Briefly describe Humanistic Therapies. Define the way they differ from psychodynamic therapies. How would you characterize Sean’s approach with Will? Are there any inaccuracies in the portrayal of his work as a psychologist, is there anything that a psychologist must never do? 
Memory. Provide a brief overview of the Atkinson and Shiffrin model of memory. Be sure to include clear definitions of sensorymemory, short term memory and long term memory as well as encoding, storage and retrieval. What aspect of memory is Leonard having the greatest difficulty with? As well, define and explain declarative and non-declarative (i.e., procedural memory) and provide examples from the movie to highlight these types of memory. Can Sammy Jankislearn through classical conditioning?
2. Brain Physiology. Based on Leonard’s symptoms and the description of his accident what region of his brain is likely damaged? Hint; It is the equivalent to our brain’s ‘save’ button. In your opinion, and would it be possible for Leonard’s injury to cause anterograde amnesia? Explain where this region is located in the brain and what aspects of behaviour it is responsible for.
3. Does the movie provide an accurate portrayal of amnesia? Define anterograde and retrograde amnesia. Discuss at least two specific examples from the movie that are accurate representations of something that could happen to someone with anterograde amnesia. Conversely, discuss at least two examples from the movie that provideinaccurate portrayals of something that could happen to someone with anterograde amnesia.
Refer to Chapter 13 Psychological Disordersin your text (especially the section on Major Depressive and Bipolar Disorders)
1. Identify the character and the psychological disorder they display. Define psychological disorder. Is it possible to accurately diagnose a character based on watching a movie? Be careful the answer may not be what you think. Think of all the information a psychologist must collect before reaching a diagnosis. What is the biopsychosocial approach? 
2. Did Silver Linings Playbook accurately portray the symptoms of the disorder? Was this an accurate clinical picture, in other words is this how someone with this disorder would behave/ think? Explain in detail and provide relevant examples from the movie. 
3. How did this disorder impact the character’s relationships with others? Did the disorder impact the character’s overall level of functioning? 
4. Discuss any inaccuracies and misconceptions perpetrated of the disorder in the movie. Are people with a mental illness more prone to violence? If the disorder was misrepresented explain how this could be misleading to a typical movie-goer. 
5. What are the perspectives on the causes of mental illness as outlined in Chapter 13(Psychological Disorders) of your text.Specifically make reference to the Biological Influences, Psychological and Social Influences regarding deprression. In light ofPat and Tiffany situations what do you think is the cause of their disorder? What are some different types of therapy? List (2) outlines in Chapter Fourteen. 

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