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Massive Open Online Course Assignment

Tasks and Teaching Plan

The first is to complete the above course. Prior to registering - continue to read the rest of this assignment to help facilitate your note taking during the course.

At the end of the course it will ask you to purchase a certificate – please do NOT purchase. Please take a screenshot and attach it to this assignment. You may keep this screenshot for your CARNA competency submission in the future as evidence of ongoing professional development.

Below is a series of questions to assess the NPET indicators. Answers should be based on information from the MOOC, other sources requested in the question and course work from your last four years in the program.

This assignment provides assessment of high-order thinking skills (analysis, creativity, critical reflection, curiosity, humility, synthesis, and your own voice) and you will not be graded for grammar, spelling and completeness of sentences (matters of style).

If you are unable to meet the assignment objectives on your first submission, the assignment will be sent back to you for an opportunity to resubmit. Academic integrity must be adhered to during the writing of the assignment.

You have been asked to present on SARS CoV-2 to three different groups. You may utilize an existing template (cite accordingly) to present your teaching plan. Also reference a minimum of five articles from the MOOC in your rationale.

1. A daycare for children 3-5 years and their parents owned and operated by the Edmonton Islamic Academy

2. A group of young boys and girls from YESS (Youth Empowerment & Support Services)

3. A group of healthcare attendants recently graduated and now employed by a continuing care facility.

Awareness of yourself as teacher – strengths and areas for growth; expected successes and barriers; utilize information about yourself including data from the Teaching Perspectives Inventory

a) Social distancing and isolation;

b) Proper hygiene – hand washing and covering your mouth and nose; and

c) The importance of disinfecting areas of home and work.

a) Two SMART goals for each group with rationale including growth and development theories, cultural safety, generational differences, literacy and health literacy (1-2 pages per group);

b) Two teaching strategies for each group with a brief description of how content will be covered and why (1-2 paragraphs per group); and

c) Evaluation (1-2 paragraphs per group).

1. Governments have encouraged social distancing and isolation as a strategy to decrease transmission. Many individuals have not adhered to these strategies. Canada’s Emergency Act focuses on what is in the Best interest of society versus individual freedom and choice.

What are the ethical issues enacting this piece of legislation? Utilise the CNA’s Code of Ethics to explore both advantages and challenges for the individual (considering mental health if quarantined) and society (considering economic consequences). Also incorporate knowledge obtained from “Covid-19 – The Law and Limits of Quarantine” and “The psychological impact of quarantine and how to reduce it: Rapid review of the evidence” (found in 2.5 and 2.7 of the MOOC respectively) in your rationale. (2 page minimum)
2. What is your role as an advocate for (a) the client, (b) your peers, (c) other healthcare professionals, (d) society and (e) yourself with respect to decreasing transmission? What and how will you communicate and by what methods to demonstrate advocacy? (2 page minimum)

3. What is Canada’s role in helping other countries from a social justice perspective? Utilize “Responding to Covid-19 – A Once-in-a-Century Pandemic? A perspective piece from Bill Gates”. Outline both strengths and challenges to his call to action. (2 page minimum)

1. How should the Canadian Nurses Association, College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta, United Nurses of Alberta and health employers support ongoing bodymindspirit needs of RNs? Utilize “COVID-19: Protecting health-care workers” (found in 2.8 of the MOOC) as well as visiting the above organization’s home pages for rationale. (2 page minimum)

2. How would you utilize the principles of both leadership and followership to demonstrate sustainability of human and non-human resources during this pandemic? Utilize articles and chapters from NURS 472. (2 page minimum)

3. What is the role of a multisectoral approach with respect to (a) surveillance, (b) clinical management, (c) risk contamination, and (d) infection control and prevention to “plank the curve” in Canada? Give one example of each from an individual, RN and government perspective. (2 page minimum)

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