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Social Work Case Study Analysis: Approach to Theories and Ethical Dilemmas


 Please note: Depending on the number of students enrolled in the course, there may be more than one student using each case study. Use this opportunity to learn from each other and build on each other’s ideas. You will still be expected to post your own individual assignment. Purpose 1. To consider the many layers of a client situation that you could be faced with in practice 2. To practically apply the theories you are learning to the case study 3. To critically think about the various approaches to social work 4. To assess ethical dilemmas and become confident in navigating them 5. To engage in meaningful discussion based on your classmates’ projects and ideas Instructions This project will give you the opportunity to work through a case study from various angles, using your learning and readings from the course. Using the case study provided, post the following in the forum thread linked to your case study. Make sure to number your responses and use clear language with complete sentences and paragraphs. 1. Answers to the questions provided with the case study. 2. Choose two Social Work theories and consider how a social worker from each theoretical approach would work with this client. How do the theories differ in relation to this specific case? What challenges might each theory pose? What strengths does the theory have for this case? Which theory do you think best fits with this client situation? (This is largely a matter of informed opinion; however, you will need to provide evidence for why your chosen theory fits best.) You will need to seek additional sources regarding the theories you choose in order to gain an in-depth understanding of each and apply them to your case. 3. Consider an ethical dilemma that could arise when working with this client. Present how you would approach this dilemma and what you would do. Take the class through your decision making process. Be specific about which component(s) of the Code of Ethics is/are at issue. You may use either the BCASW or CASW Code of Ethics (or both), but be sure to specify which one you consulted. 4. Forum discussion – Pose 3 - 4 discussion questions based on the content of your case study. (For example - choose a controversial topic and create a debate.) Have some goals in mind about what knowledge you want your classmates to gain as a result of your discussion. 5. Include a bibliography of all sources used, APA style. 6. In addition to presenting your own project, you will be expected to engage in discussion following other students’ projects. Post at least one thoughtful response each week that presentations occur. (If more than one student presents in a week, you can just respond to one of them.) Each response should be with evidence that you read and thought about Okanagan College Interdisciplinary Studies 7 their content. You may choose to pose further questions and you should build on their ideas. Cite your course materials to show that you are applying the ideas from the class. By the end of term, email me your top two posts – whichever two posts you believe were the most thoughtful, showed your understanding of course concepts, and enhanced the presented materials. Grading /30 Content – questions: ? Thorough coverage of the case study questions provided. /2 Content - theories: /6 ? Comprehensive understanding of the three theories presented, including main components of the theories, pros/cons for the case, strengths/challenges. Content – ethics: /5 ? Clear understanding of ethical dilemmas. Present a step-by-step analysis of decision making. Online presentation: ? Content is clear for other students to read. /2 ? Facilitate discussion within the forum to enhance the material presented and further class learning. /5 Bibliography: /3 APA style Minimum of 5 sources (suggestion: 2 per theory, 1 for ethics) Participation & responses: Participation in discussions other than your own – thoughtful, respectful, building on presented ideas and materials. /2 Be sure to email me your best two response postings by the end of term for marking. Academic writing should be used, including APA style citations. /5

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