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Saudi Aramco Case Study

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Introduction To Saudi Aramco Case study

In 1933, Standard Oil Co. of California launched Saudi Aramco, a state-owned oil company that is still in operation today. Arabia Saudi. Technically situated in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco is known as the Saudi Arabian Oil Company. According to sales and profit, Saudi Aramco is the biggest corporation in the world. It has 270 billion barrels in reserve and the second-largest daily production in the whole planet. The Company began its initial industrial oil production in 1939, although it was not formally founded until late 1988. It runs the biggest hydrocarbon communications network in the whole globe.

Introduction To Saudi Aramco Case study

Vision and Mission Statement of Saudi Aramco

Vision  - We continue to work toward being the world's top integrated energy and chemicals company, a top refiner, and a developer of energy innovations while executing on our primary purpose of reliably delivering energy to the Kingdom and the rest of the world.
Mission - Saudi Aramco, which is committed to maximising profits, allowing the sustainable and diversified growth of the Kingdom's economy, and fostering a globally competitive and thriving Saudi energy industry, will be the top integrated energy and chemicals corporation in the world by 2020.

Vision and Mission Statement of Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco  Situation Analysis

Saudi Aramco, a state-owned oil firm that is still in business today, was established in 1933 by Standard Oil Co. of California. Saudi Arabia is. Technically known as the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Saudi Aramco is based in the Saudi city of Dhahran. Saudi Aramco is the largest corporation in the world based on sales and profits. It boasts the second-largest daily output on the globe and 270 billion barrels in reserves.

Despite not being fully established until late 1988, the Company started producing industrial oil in 1939.

It manages the largest global petrochemical communications infrastructure.

Industry Structure and economic feature

Saudi Aramco  model of the global oil market comprises three regions: one oil-importing and two oilexporting. The oil-importing region employs labor in the production of final goods, part of which are consumed domestically, and the rest are exported to the two oil-producing regions. The oilimporting region imports oil for use in consumption. The inclusion of oil as a consumption good rather than as a factor of production is in part motivated by Kilian (2008). His estimates suggest that the primary channel of transmission of oil price shocks to the economy is through their effect on households’ demand for goods and services, rather than as an input in production. In addition, this is a simple way of postulating inelastic oil demand, which is key for matching the high oil price volatility (relative to oil consumption volatility) observed in the data. Oil is a homogeneous commodity supplied by a dominant firm and a fringe of competitive oil producers. The fringe take the oil price as given when choosing their production level. The dominant firm faces a downward sloping residual demand curve and picks the profit-maximizing points on that curve at each point in time and in each state of nature. Oil exporters produce oil only and their revenue is recirculated to the oil-importing region in the form of demand for final consumption and investment goods.

Saudi Aramco  Strategies

i) Business Level Strategies ii) Corporate Level Strategies

HE Khalid A. Al-Falih, Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources and Chairman of the Saudi Aramco Board of Directors, participated in spreading the message and taking the time to discuss Saudi Aramco's strategy to assist in implementing Vision 2030 on the sidelines of HRH Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin 'Abd Al-'Aziz Al Sa'ud's recent visit to the United States to convey the Saudi Vision 2030 and invite collaboration.

Al-Falih stated that Saudi Aramco would play a major role in advancing the realisation of Vision 2030. According to him, the company's reputation for quality is what led to the assignment to support the endeavour. Al-Falih praised Saudi Arabia for its daring and imaginative development that is keeping up with the pace of the rest of the globe.

Competitive Analysis and Advantage in the industry

No player can prevail on their own in a difficult situation. Collaboration improves our ability to compete and makes it possible for our worldwide business to grow and strategically integrate. Its collaborative relationship had also evolved to include additional energy generators, engineering technicians, telecommunications companies, device manufacturers, Research institutes, and institutions as the company have extended into new segments and products.

SWOT Analysis

The most crucial element that aids Saudi Aramco in keeping its market position is its strengths. The following are some of Saudi Aramco's advantages:

The aspects that function as a defect in Saudi Aramco's expansion are its weaknesses. It must identify these weaknesses in its business and work to correct them as quickly as feasible. The following are some of Saudi Aramco's shortcomings:

Opportunities are what drive Saudi Aramco's exponential growth in its sector. The business must identify these possibilities that might benefit it and turn them into strengths. The following are some of Saudi Aramco's opportunities:

Threats are Saudi Aramco's external elements that adversely impact the company's expansion. It must be equipped with the appropriate safety precautions and mindful of such incidents in the future. The following are a few dangers facing Saudi Aramco:

PESTLE Analysis

Under the leadership of the king, Saudi Arabia maintains a stable political climate. Nonetheless, several detractors debate Saudi Arabia's "political context" in their arguments. Because there are no political parties, they assert that there is no political climate in the nation. There is only authoritarian dictatorship as well as totalitarian rule, when the King exercises unlimited authority.

Saudi Arabia will achieve the 19th-highest conventional annual GDP anywhere in the world in 2020, estimated to be 680 billion dollars. And out of that, the nation's per capita income, that also ranks 39th in the globe, was 19,587 dollars.

With 34.2 million people, Saudi Arabia has the largest young population in the world. More than half of the population of the nation is under the age of 25. Men and women live an average of 73.5 and 76.5 years, respectively.

The whole population of the nation is made up of around 90% Arabs and 10% African-Asians. In areas like Hejaz and Najd, the population is overwhelmingly concentrated. Nonetheless, the government's unofficial and primary language is English. The state religion is Islam.

Saudi Arabia had already recognised the importance of technology and has been pouring a lot of money into research and development, entrepreneurial development, including entrepreneurship. By the end of 2030, the nation intends to switch its economic reliance from oil and gas to the technology sector.

The largest entrepreneurial centre in Saudi Arabia supporting new firms is the Badir Program for Technology Incubators. Monisha's, MEVP (Middle East Venture Partners), and UnitX are further initiatives.

Target Market Analysis of Saudi Aramco

Companies are engaged in transportation, marketing of petroleum products, oil and gas production, procurement of commodities, and transportation are among Aramco's common clients. In the nations where Aramco is present, small enterprises and key industries can collaborate with it. The organisation in question uses the geographical approach of segmentation to categorise clients and separate them by continent or region.

Appealing to Market

Such an approach gives one the chance to identify the best areas for collaboration and investment. To reach its target audience, Aramco also uses the so-called positive segmentation technique . This indicates that the company's clients are principally characterised by their demands, which may be satisfied by the supply of petrochemicals in addition to gas and oil. The various consumer demands enable this business to quickly ascertain customer expectations and enhance ongoingly. The approach to customer service is a new invention that is utilised to improve services and the total supply of energy. Customers mostly buy Aramco items due to their high quality and the company's commitment to its mission.

Marketing Mix of Saudi Aramco

Given that it sells petroleum, has multiple affiliate organisations across the world, and is a worldwide corporation, Saudi Aramco most certainly segments its market geographically.

In geographic market segmentation, a company divides its clientele based on the country or continent in which they are physically located, like in the instance of Saudi Aramco. The ability to identify high priority geographic regions (countries or continents) where it might raise investments or marketing efforts makes this kind of geographic segmentation crucial for Saudi Aramco.

The "Positive" market segmentation, which divides the company's clients mostly based on their wants, is another market segmentation that Saudi Aramco most likely employs.

According to Saudi Aramco's entrepreneurial culture . in fact, the firm uses complete quality administration as well as continuous process improvement to oversee and produce its products, respectively. Both of these methods are used to make sure that customers are satisfied.

Saudi Aramco  Competitive Analysis

Merchandise is not seen as a physical good in marketing strategy; rather, it is seen as the source of value to be provided to the consumers. Saudi Aramco's customers can receive value in a variety of ways, such as installation and maintenance services, pre-purchase education and priming from sales staff, point of purchase equity, funding plans for purchasing the products, availability of a product, quality-assuring brand names, word-of-mouth recommendations, convenience of availability, etc.

Key success factors

A performance-oriented process known as continuous quality improvement measures, analyses, and improves the existing performance of a product or process. Failure Mode and Effect Analysis is one continuous quality management technique that may be used in Saudi Aramco's situation (FMEA). FMEA often involves prioritising and identifying probable product or process failures before formulating viable responses to them.

An enterprise like Saudi Aramco should incorporate statistical quality control techniques with committed employee engagement in the business's continuous quality improvement programme into its operations in order to achieve overall quality management. It's crucial to keep in mind that in comprehensive quality management, the customer defines quality, and as a result, that level should be reached.

Problems and Issues in Saudi Aramco ’s Organization

The world's biggest oil firm, Saudi Aramco, has outlined the overwhelming amount of dangers that its organization confronts in its prospectus, which was published over the weekend as it gears up for its much anticipated initial public offering this year.

The oil behemoth, which is owned and run by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is anticipated to have the largest IPO ever. Even though Aramco is allegedly the most successful corporation in the world, there are several hazards associated with its oil and gas network.

In the "Risk Factors" section of its prospectus, Aramco stated, "The following risks, which are listed as significant, do not necessarily represent all the risks affecting the Company or connected with an investment in the Shares."

Financial Analysis

Saudi Aramco, the world's largest integrated oil and gas company, preserves the Kingdom's distinctive hydrocarbon reserve base while boosting productivity as well as long-term sustainability. Furthermore, it manages a downstream business that is interconnected internationally. More than 70,000 people are employed by the company, which has its headquarters in Dhahran and operates both domestically and globally. It raised $29.4 billion in an IPO in 2019 and another $2 billion in a greenshoe option in 2020 while being mostly controlled by the government. Moody assigned the corporation an A1 rating due to its financial links to the Saudi government. Report adds lower net income for the 2020 fiscal year as a result of the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak, Saudi Aramco still outperforms its rivals.


Saudi Arabia's national energy firm, Saudi Aramco Oil Company, was once known as Arabian American Oil Company. The corporation primarily produces natural gas liquids, five grades of crude oil, and gas. It has undergone a number of advancements over the last eight decades and grown to be among the biggest energy corporations in the world. Aramco will likely be worth more than US$ 10 trillion by the end of 2014, making it the most valuable company in the world.

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