dissertation topics humanities   The Effects of Domestic Violence On Male Victims- The Law’s Response To Ultimate Taboo


This topic would study to identify the different aspect that a man suffers due domestic violence. It will reflect the effects and challenges that a male victim of domestic violence has to face. This topic would speak out the hidden suffering of men who often faces violence at domestic place. It is quite an evidential fact that men suffer more than women for domestic violence as both society and law doesn’t provide with enough solution for this particular issue. Domestic Violence against men deals with violence which men or boy has to face in any of their intimate relationship like dating, family, marriage etc. It is often very hard to identify domestic violence in regards to men. There is a lot of distinction is law relating to the violence that take place against a man and domestic violence against a woman. The socio-cultural norm for man and woman keeps differing depending upon the physical behaviour by one partner towards another and geographical aspects. United Kingdom records


The main aim to study do this research is to analyze and discuss the types of domestic violence that takes place against men in the society, the laws that are prevailing against such crimes being committed and as to how far does the law provides response to such taboo. In order to carry out the research we would have to evaluate certain points in regards to the topic, which are summed up as follows:

  • To evaluate the types and nature of domestic violence taking place against men
  • To evaluate the laws relating to domestic violence against men
  • To evaluate as to whether such domestic violence is a taboo in the society or not



1. What is the nature of domestic violence against men?

2. What are the laws provided for domestic violence against men?

3. Is domestic violence against men recognises to be a taboo in the society?



 It has been believed since old days that it is always the women who suffer from domestic violence. They are the one who are treated badly by men and they are supposedly the victims of what we recognize at domestic violence. It is a general perception that men cannot be subjected to domestic violence It is a taboo in our society which has been prevailing for years now. According to the British survey, men are becoming subjected to domestic violence quarterly in 2010. It has been identified by the British survey and the Home Office statistical bulletins that more than 40% of domestic violence victims are men as recorded in the year 2004-2005.  This percentage of crime rose to 48.5% in the year 2007-08.

Domestic violence against men can be of different nature and of different form. The most common violence is committed against men in regards to their machismo and masculinity. Another worldly recognized domestic violence against men is intimate partner violence.

Observing and analyzing the growing rate of domestic violence against men in Britain, United Kingdom is now slowly taking up steps in this regard. Previously law didn’t provide or permit any law for men suffering from domestic violence. Though no such new laws have been formulated as there are laws for woman victims suffering from domestic violence, yet steps like awareness programme are being initiated in the society to spread awareness about the domestic violence that are taking place against men. Different online advice lines have been formed to help out man who are victims of domestic violence. Slowly the taboo which was prevailing for last million of years that only women are victims of domestic violence is fading out and a new concept is cropping in that men can also be victim of domestic violence and they to need the social and legal protection.



This study is based on theoretical research methodology. In order to do a research on this topic, one would require journals and statistical charts to know facts about  what exactly it stands to be. It can also be termed as a qualitative study for it mainly uses facts and data about the different aspect of this topic. It is also a quantitative research as it will be requiring statistical measurement of the rate of crime happening in the country chosen to be worked on. To do this research journals, statistical charts, data and theories etc will be required.


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