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  • Published: 30 May 2015
  • 1 Pages, 338 Words

On 1 July 2014 Kam Ltd acquired all the share capital of Maria Ltd when the equity of Maria Ltd consisted of the following:.....Prepare the consolidation workshet entries for the preparation of the consolidated  financial statements for Kam Ltd and its subsidiary Maria Ltd as at 31 December  2014. Show all the workings....

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  • Published: 07 Jul 2015
  • 9 Pages, 2329 Words

Buddy Crow places $725,000 in trust with income to Dixie Walker (age 66) for 12 years, and remainder to Molly Sue Hill (age 32).  Buddy does not reserve any powers to alter, amend, revoke or terminate the trust.  Calculate the amount of the gifts Buddy has made.   Pearl Birmingham places $1,645,000 in trust with income to Betty Sue Carter (age 33) and Jimmie Harley (age 35) for 35 years, remainder to Jed West (age 18).  Pearl does not reserve any powers to alter, amen...

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2015
  • 31 Pages, 7762 Words
Management Accounting

In Australia more companies are starting to report on their sustainability performance. Ivory Delights believes that incorporating into their end of year reports acknowledgement of how they have implemented more sustainable practices, will be of benefit to the company’s reputation. 1. Why are an increasing number of companies reporting on their sustainability performance? What are the benefits for companies to report such activity? 2. What key measures could Ivory Delights include in its...

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  • Published: 06 Nov 2015
  • 26 Pages, 6501 Words
Business Law Assignment

FOUNDATIONS OF BUSINESS LAW ASSIGNMENT 2 Derrick runs his own private transport business. He owns an old 18 wheel ‘tray’ semi-trailer. He uses it to deliver shipping containers direct from ships at Outer Harbour to businesses around Adelaide. Its maximum carrying capacity is 2 tonnes. He uses the truck loading bay at Outer Harbour (owned and operated by CLM Pty Ltd) at least once a week. Each time he does so he pays a fee ($100) to CLM. The payment is made automatically by an elec...

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  • Published: 10 Dec 2015
  • 2 Pages, 671 Words
Building Strategic Partnerships

This is a graduate level final please use the same writer or equivalent level writer as MAH_041115_61895_2_115139 I have not been happy with the standard of writing in the last few assignments. Assignment is 5 questions There are no specific length requirements, but you should make sure you write enough to fully answer the question and aptly reference source materials from the class. That means using the COURSE TEXTBOOK not 10 other references but not one from that text Reference: Austin,...

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  • Published: 19 Mar 2016
  • 2 Pages, 541 Words
Business Management

Recommend   a product for the  clients  and explain  the reasons  for the  recommendation. List the supporting  documents that would  be needed  to support  the loan.Complete  a loan  costing  sheet. Irrespective  of whether  the client  qualifies  as a  First      Home Owner   complete  the costs  inclusive  of all  stamp duties.Complete  a loan  ...

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  • Published: 22 Mar 2016
  • 7 Pages, 1781 Words
Social Work Theory

750 words literature and 250 words written overview (Summary of the main Points) at the end. NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) in Australia. SWSP6043 Social Work Theory and Practice (Group, Teamwork and Organisational Learning) Assessment Details: Due Date: 25/3/16 Students will present a well-researched case study of an organizational change program impacting on social workers working in the organisation as well as other stakeholders. NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) in Aus...

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  • Published: 20 Apr 2016
  • 2 Pages, 623 Words
Costing Method

Identify a company that faces challenges in inventory management and make recommendations on how this company can resolve the issues. 1. Brief background of the company and the challenges that the company is facing. 2. The role and importance of inventory in the company; and the trade-offs to major functions of the business. 3. Identify the major reasons for carrying inventory. 4. Is there a way for the company to reduce inventory based on Pareto Law? 5. Recommend a suitable costing method for t...

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  • Published: 07 Jul 2016
  • 29 Pages, 7436 Words
Taxation Law And Practice

Question A Value 14 Marks Smith & Jones and Associates (SJA) is a legal firm located in the Brisbane CBD.  SJA own the building from which it operates and also where all of the staff park their private vehicles whilst at work. The building was purchased in 2004. The partners, Steven Smith and Larissa Jones also park their vehicles there during each working day (230 days pa). A Keycard, issued to each member of the firm, provides access to the secure parking area and to authorised are...

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  • Published: 10 Jul 2016
  • 7 Pages, 1893 Words
ACCT13-308 & ACCT71-308: Taxation Practice For Accountants

  Using an Excel Spreadsheet, prepare a set of work papers.  Include discussion about whether each item is assessable income or gives rise to an allowable deduction.  Show all workings, explain why you have treated items as you have and provide appropriate authority for your decisions by referencing sections of the legislation, case law and/or income tax rulings.  Your work papers should explain and support your treatment of items of income and expenses incurred.  They n...

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