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How to Pick the Right Literature Review Topic

Selecting a topic is an essential step in writing a literature review, whether it is a standalone piece or a component of a larger article. You have no need to worry if you haven't chosen topics for your literature review yet. Finding a topic that is neither too wide nor too narrow is essential for choosing literature review topics that work.
Having a professional to help with your literature review topics selection can give you the confidence to overcome the challenges you’re bound to face during the writing process. That’s why thousands of students hire’s literature review topics selection and writing services to book good literature review topics writing experts for valuable guidance. So, go ahead and hire one.

How to Pick the Right Literature Review Topic

Perfect Way to Structure a Literature Review

Writing an impeccable literature review on amazing topics can be easy when you structure the literature review before starting to write. But we know that structuring a literature review in the proper format is undoubtedly challenging. But our professional literature review topics selectors and writers have compiled some valuable tips to help you with the task. 
First, pick a good topic for your literature review to leave an impression, and then note down all the ideas you want to discuss in your review. Next, you need to organize the related ideas into different subgroups. Undoubtedly, the process is overwhelming but you can obtain instant professional help to structure your literature review on unique topics at So, when in doubt, don’t forget to ask for assistance from us.

Perfect Way to Structure a Literature Review

What are the Best Literature Review Topics for Students?

When writing a literature review, seek different topics and ideas on various subjects. It will give you great ideas on what topics can attract readers’ attention. So, don’t procrastinate and read all the literature review topics shared below –

• Psychology Literature Review Topics

  1. Here you can see a few psychology literature review topics –
  2. The caregiving experiences of parents of children with ASD
  3. Long-term repercussions of child abuse
  4. Depression's neurology
  5. Examine the mental impacts of loud noise
  6. Why is accepting what goes against our beliefs so challenging?
  7. The mental processes behind obsessive eating
  8. Why are some individuals more susceptible to bias and discrimination?
  9. Defending oneself from sorrow
  10. The prevalence of nonverbal communication varies among cultures.
  11. Love: Is it chemistry or emotion?

• Nursing Literature Review Topics

Read the following nursing literature review topics to get some fresh ideas –

  1. Practice in the healthcare industry
  2. Nursing practice that is supported by data
  3. Brain damage caused by trauma
  4. Alzheimer's condition
  5. Study of pressure ulcers
  6. Rates of readmission following surgery
  7. Nosocomial infections and nurse-to-patient ratios
  8. Study on preventing patient falls
  9. Waiting times in emergency rooms
  10. Digital health records

• Education Literature Review Topics

Your ready-made education literature review topics are here –

  1. What can be done to make classrooms more diverse?
  2. Flipped classroom methodology
  3. The idea behind Waldorf schools
  4. How can the signs of ADHD impact a student's capacity for learning?
  5. Leadership in education
  6. Ways to monitor student performance in class
  7. How might the token economy reduce off-task behavior in autistic students?
  8. US school desegregation
  9. Can bilingual education be implemented in modern classrooms?
  10. Rising violent crimes in educational settings

• Literature Review Topics in Healthcare

These literature review topics in healthcare can be beneficial for brainstorming more ideas. Have a look –

  1. The US government encourages the growth of healthcare services in what ways?
  2. Investment in the UK's healthcare industry's progress
  3. Medical personnel must work additional hours
  4. Medical inequalities that exist
  5. The effect of the nursing shortage on patient care
  6. Disputed topics in the healthcare industry
  7. Healthcare administrators' preferred storage methods
  8. System for electronic health records: benefits and drawbacks
  9. A switch from hospitalization to outpatient care
  10. The standard of care provided in current US asylums

• Biology Literature Review Topics

Are you excited to get some exciting biology literature review topics examples? Get it here –

  1. Plant camouflage
  2. Bird species' males and females differ in color
  3. The legitimacy of genetic engineering
  4. Waiting too long for natural reforestation
  5. Why do farmed plants lack the strength that wild ones do?
  6. Production, use, and regulation of hepcidin
  7. How can DNA sequences be edited?
  8. Which COVID vaccines work the best, and why?
  9. A general phrase for a variety of illnesses, cancer
  10. Species that are crucial to our ecosystem

• Social Work Literature Review Topics

Go through these outstanding social work literature review topics ideas –

  1. Individual VS group therapy for improving adaptation in autistic children
  2. Impact on parents of autistic spectrum disorder children
  3. Role-playing is more effective than group discussions in educating high school pupils about drug usage
  4. Dealing with the stigma attached to depression
  5. Actions to combat stigmatizing stereotypes about depression
  6. Identifying those serving in military units who are at high risk of suicide
  7. Veterans' onset of PTSD is influenced by life circumstances
  8. Methods to stop the emergence of PTSD in former US army personnel
  9. Social inclusion policies for veterans of war
  10. Most effective techniques for preventing suicide in a classroom

• Sociology Literature Review Topics

Here are a few mind-boggling sociology literature review topics examples –

  1. Can we combat racial inequity via coded language?
  2. Bullying in the workplace
  3. Social representation theory and international conflicts
  4. Gender and sexual behavior
  5. How liberal or conservative is our society?
  6. Parents who are Black and single
  7. The US's racial wage gap
  8. The cost of health care for employers and substance misuse
  9. Combating urban poverty with federal aid: a success?
  10. How does the use of hate speech promote desensitization?

• Criminal Justice Literature Review Topics

Here are some exclusive criminal justice literature review topics ideas –

  1. Prosecution and judicial enforcement problems in Eastern Europe
  2. Follow the advancement of methods used in international criminal justice
  3. Techniques for reducing crime
  4. The development of the social science of criminology
  5. Domestic violence's cycle: theory and statistics
  6. Patterns among those who abuse children
  7. Criminology experimental layouts are random
  8. US human trafficking prevention efforts at the moment
  9. How ought environmental crimes be handled?
  10. Definitions of terrorism: Approaches

• Scientific Literature Review Topics

Go through these amazing scientific literature review topics

  1. The implementation of an electronic library and its effects
  2. Scientist and inventor Benjamin Franklin
  3. Science fiction, virtual reality, and modern culture
  4. As a subject of study, science, technology, and society
  5. Winslow, Frederick The scientific management ideas and Taylor
  6. How will work develop in the future?
  7. Ideas related to science and technology
  8. The impact of technology on C.S. Lewis' The Abolition of Man
  9. Human and environmental growth
  10. Machine learning types
  11. Implications, advantages, and dangers of the Internet of Things and biometrics

• Business Literature Review Topics

Why don’t you check out these fantastic business literature review topics before deciding on your own? Let's have a look –

  1. Compared to conventional marketing techniques with neuromarketing's effectiveness
  2. Utilizing a green supply chain
  3. E-success marketing in reaching nonprofit groups
  4. The value of information
  5. Activist/shareholder engagement and business performance
  6. The connection between morality, stress, and productivity at work
  7. The importance of honesty in business
  8. Client privacy and its importance to a successful company
  9. Businesses, community effects, and social responsibility
  10. Stages of startup fundraising

• Dental Literature Review Topics

If you want to make your paper identical, you can take assistance from these dental literature review topics ideas –

  1. Potential for deterioration of foods, drinks, and oral hygiene items
  2. Group for Oral Inflammation & Innate Immunity
  3. Oral medicine
  4. Promoting demineralization and preventing dental caries
  5. Special needs dentistry's reputation among recently graduated dentists
  6. Bio mineralizing peptides and proteins: Characterization
  7. Resin infiltration into carious lesions
  8. Oral microbiota in health and illness
  9. Creation of vaccines against periodontal disease
  10. Creating diagnostic methods for immunological responses to bacteria, Nano and micro materials, and vesicles; and microbiological flow cytometry

• Mental Health Literature Review Topics

Give your mental health a sudden boost in energy when researching these exclusive mental health literature review topics –

  1. Psychological difficulties for children and their families who have cancer
  2. Radiation therapy for an ophthalmology patient with a hematopoietic device response
  3. Cyberbullying's psychological impacts in comparison to physical bullying: A counter study
  4. Whether predictive processing is a perceptual consciousness theory or not?
  5. Communication's importance in a relationship
  6. Personality and eating problems
  7. Analysis of teaching, evaluation of students, and study of learning disparities
  8. Consequences of virtual networks on society and psychology
  9. The function of media in inciting hostility
  10. How do friendships make on social media impact mental health?

• Nutrition Literature Review Topics

Here are some of the most excellent nutrition literature review topics. Let’s have a look –

  1. Overcoming an unhealthful emotional reliance on food
  2. The complex link between smoking and weight
  3. How leptin and ghrelin levels are controlled by sleep?
  4. Dietary supplements made from cannabinoids
  5. Diabetes prevalence among students at colleges
  6. How beneficial are chewable vitamins?
  7. Obesity-related genetic predispositions
  8. How do parental diet choices affect kids' food preferences?
  9. Preventing teen and young adult eating problems
  10. How body positivity may be detrimental to young adults?

So, these are only a few good literature review topics examples. You can always have more when is supporting your back. Log in to our website and get more excellent topics for your literature review assignments.


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There are numerous methods to arrange your references in a literature review, but most reviews include a few fundamental components.
They are – Objectives, Backgrounds/Introduction, Methods, Discussions/Body, and Conclusion.
In addition, you need to add a bibliography or references with your literature review.

A literature review's length varies according to its audience and purpose. The review often takes up an entire chapter (at least 20 pages) in a thesis or dissertation. However, it might just take up a few pages for an assignment. A literature review can be organized and structured in a variety of ways.

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Good topics for literature reviews can be –

  • Tragedies from Greek History
  • Relating to gender stereotypes in culture
  • Regarding Women's Cultural Stereotypes
  • Spirituality and faith
  • Racism is at the heart of American culture

A literature review is intended to help readers understand the current research and discussions that are pertinent to a particular subject or field of study and to communicate that understanding in the form of a written report. You can increase your understanding of your field by conducting a literature review.

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