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Applying Theory to an IS Development Project: The PAYEM Scenario

Question 1

All the questions ask you to apply theory to an example of an IS development project. 

The example will be the development of a simple application for paying employees called PAYEM.

PAYEM runs once a week. It reads several databases which contain information such as employee name and address, the amount of pay the employee is entitled to per hour worked, the number of hours worked the previous week, and information about taxation so tax can be deducted properly. It calculates the pay due, transfers the pay to the employee’s bank account and emails a payslip to the employee.

You are the project manager of the PAYEM development project.

As you do not have all the information about the PAYEM project, you should make assumptions to fill in the gaps. You don’t need accurate knowledge of pay applications because you are not being assessed about that.

Your Answers Must Apply Theory To The Payem Scenario.

Question 1

(a)Who are the stakeholders of the PAYEM project? Explain their involvement in the project.    (10marks)

(b)Use a model you have learned about to analyse the stakeholders you have identified.  (10marks)

(c)Give an overview of how you will communicate with the stakeholders.   (5marks)

Total: 25 Marks

Question 2

(a)Analyse some of the problems with requirements that could affect the PAYEM project.    (10marks)

(b)How will you manage changes to the requirements that arise during execution of the project?    (10marks)

(c)Is prototyping a good idea for the PAYEM project? Explain your answer.   (5marks)

Total: 25 Marks

Question 3

(a)List three big benefits of good project planning and explain why good planning is likely to lead to a better outcome for the PAYEM project.   (10marks)

(b)Develop a simple Gantt chart for PAYEM. You can use a drawing tool on your device, Excel, or a free project management application of your choice. If you don’t have access to suitable software, you can make the Gantt chart by hand, photograph it and paste the image into your answer document. The image must be clear.   (10marks)

(c)How will you monitor the PAYEM project?    (5marks)

Total: 25 Marks

Question 4

(a)Senior management has proposed that traditional project management be used to develop PAYEM. But you don’t agree, and you think an agile methodology would be better. Write a short statement in which you argue for the use of agile.    (10marks)

(b)Discuss some of the disadvantages of using agile and explain how they could be mitigated in PAYEM.    (10marks)

(c)There are different types of agile methodology. Which one would you choose for PAYEM and why?    (5marks)

Total: 25 Marks

Question 5
(a)Explain your strategy for managing risk in the PAYEM project.    (10marks)

(b)What is a budget and why is it important for PAYEM to have a project budget?    (10marks)

(c)List 5 (FIVE) tasks that should be completed to ensure the PAYEM project is closed properly and briefly explain why each is important (5marks)

Total: 25 Marks

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