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Analyzing the Impacts of Making a City Centre Car-Free

Task Fulfillment

Analyse the impacts of making a city centre car-free. Use this analysis to recommend ways of maximising the benefits and/or minimising the challenges of making a city centre car-free.

Your grade is allocated based on four different categories: task fulfilment (worth 40% of your grade), structure, use of sources and language (each worth 20% of your  APS 2021/22 Trimester 1 Written Assignment Brief grade). Each of these categories assesses different aspects of your work, as explained below:
Task Fulfilment 
• Relevance: Your report should stay on topic. It should not contain any information that does not help answer the report task.

• Report section function: Each section of the report should fulfil its function. This means that each section should follow report-writing conventions and should do what the reader expects it to. Your ideas should be included within the appropriate section (for example, you should not make recommendations in the Analysis section).
• Analysis: Your report should go beyond being descriptive. You should analyse your points. This means considering the consequences and implications of the ideas you include, as well as their limitations. Your analysis should show original thinking and a thorough understanding of the point you are discussing.
Structure (20%)
• Organisation of ideas: Your ideas should be presented in an order that makes sense. Each paragraph should link logically to the next one, and the same idea should not be repeated in multiple sections (although you may make reference to ideas you have previously discussed).
• Paragraph structure: Your paragraphs should be structured in a logical way which makes your ideas easy to follow. They should begin with strong topic sentences that make their main ideas clear. Each paragraph should focus on  nly one main idea, and this idea should be developed fully. Each sentence should link logically to the next sentence.
• Cohesive language: You should use a wide range of cohesive devices (e.g. therefore, whereas, however) to show the links between your ideas. The cohesive language you use should be academic and used in a grammatically correct way.
Use of Sources (20%)
• Quality and appropriacy: The sources you choose should be of a high quality, which means they should be academic and reliable. You should use a large enough range of sources to show that you have researched the topic thoroughly. You should use sources in an appropriate way. This means that the ideas you choose to include should support your points and that it should be clear to the reader how they link to your point and to the report task.
• Use of paraphrase/summary: Your report should demonstrate an ability to summarise and paraphrase. You may also include direct quotes if you wish, but only when it is appropriate to do so. Your paraphrases and summaries should be easy to understand. You should use your own words and the meaning of the original source should remain clear.
• Use of Harvard referencing: You should make it clear when information comes from sources.

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