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Software-Based Solution Design for Intergence IoT Data Capture and Hiring Process


Based on one of the project descriptions provided below you are to work as a team to design a software-based solution for your chosen project. You must work together on the design of the solution, allocating each team member tasks as necessary. The structure of the team is left to you as are the working practices, but you must pick a team administrator who will be responsible for team contact with the module leader, module tutors and representatives of Intergence company.

Team membership will be allocated to you at the start of the module.

You are to submit a report before the submission deadline for this assignment element. Each member of the team should submit an identical copy of the report. The report must be well presented and written in a formal style. The report must include the following sections as a minimum in the following order.

1) Cover Page with Your SID (Please make sure you upload the file with your SID-e.g.,

2) Tables of contents/figures etc as required

3) Task allocation list

A table containing the SID number of each student with an indication of which sections of the project design each student completed must be included.

4) Project Requirements

A detailed description of the project requirements should be included based on the initial brief and later Q&A sessions. You should also include a clear indication of any assumptions you have made.

5) Project Design Solution

You should include appropriate tools such as Flow Charts, Use Case Diagrams, Wireframe Diagrams, Navigation Maps and other appropriate graphical tools used to design your solution.

You must include appropriate pseudocode and trace tables to test your solution

6) Evaluation

Evaluate your design solution based on the principles covered in the lectures.

7) References

References must be in the correct “ARU Harvard” referencing system.

As this is a group assignment each member of the team is expected to contribute work equivalent to 1500 written words. This may be made up of diagrams, pseudocode snippets, tables, wireframe diagrams, navigation maps and prototypes as well as written work.

Submission Deadline: by 07:00 Tuesday 01 March 2022
Live Brief Update: Click here to download the pdf

Live Briefs – Pick one only

Intergence (Links to an external site.) are adding internet of things (IOT) to their offerings. This will allow for various states of hardware, equipment and environments to be monitored. And could include anything from WIFI-signal/speed, to number of devices on a network, people in an office location, air quality, temperature and so on. In theory the IOT capabilities would monitor the actual experience a person might receive in that location – but could be tracked and monitored remotely.
What would make this IOT data capture piece more compelling and relevant would be to have a system to first capture known or ‘reference data’. This reference data would ideally be entered at the start of the client engagement. For example the number of employees working at the company, the ‘expected’ number of devices on a given WIFI network, the number of building entrances, typical working hours and so on. This expected / known data would then be compared by the observed/actual experience monitored by our IOT sensors.
This brief would be to design the reference data collection elements and should think about how these should be captured.  We can provide examples for our own office environment (e.g. floor space, number of employees, number of visitors, devices, devices on network, etc.) but thought would need to go into how this would translate for other client environments.

Extra improvements to their proposed solution could include:

  • Providing means to update submitted answers
  • Setting max and min allowable ranges and corresponding alert states (e.g. the server room should not exceed 28 degrees C. nor fall below 15 degrees C.)

Hiring new staff can be a time-consuming process for Intergence (Links to an external site.) but it is a crucial one to get right.  Calendars need to be arranged and several people taken off other work/projects in the process. What could be more ideal is to have a system in which potential candidates could be pre-screened on a series of questions. This system would need the ability to be front-loaded with questions by the Intergence hiring-managers, provide means in which the question types could be set (e.g. multiple choice, short paragraph), and for the true/false responses it should be able to output an overall ‘suitability score’ for a given candidate – from which we could then make a decision on taking them further along their interview process. 

Other augmentations it could be useful for the students to be thinking about:

  • Ability to also handle code-based Q&A
  • Timed responses to questions
  • Integration with any video calling software (e.g. MS Teams, Slack, Zoom)
  • Integration with a calendar system (e.g. selecting interview availability dates)

This task should encourage critical thinking, attention to detail and question-asking. It’s ok to make assumptions but highlighting the risk with each one.  You need to understand that there is more to software development than coding.

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