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Impact of Healthy Food Vouchers on Spending: An Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis

Module Learning Outcomes Assessed

In their study on the impact of healthy food vouchers, Griffiths, Von Hinke and Smith (2015) make the following statement “We show that the way in which the vouchers affected spending was fully in line with the predictions of standard economic analysis. That is, there was a large effect on spending among a subset of recipient households who were distorted. For other, infra-marginal households, the effect was similar to an income-equivalent cash benefit” .

Discuss this statement using relevant intermediate microeconomic theory and appropriate diagrams. To what extent are the findings in Griffths, Von Hinke and Smith (2015) consistent with  other  research evidence  on  the  impact  of  labelling  on either  cash  or  in-kind transfers?
Module Learning Outcomes Assessed: 
In  order  to  receive  a  pass  mark  for  the  essay,  students  need  have  shown  that they have the ability to 
1. Demonstrate an understanding of microeconomic theory at intermediate level. 
2. Apply appropriate theoretical models to analyse real world questions and policy issues. 
3. Compare and contrast alternative models of economic behaviour. 
4.  Demonstrate  an  ability  to  communicate  economic  arguments  in  a  structured and logical manner. 
Presentation Requirements:  
You  have  to  write  an  essay  and  not  a  report.  The  piece  of  work  should  be  in essay format. Essays should not include heading/subheadings or listing/bulleting of key points. All essays must have an introduction, main body and conclusion. Failure to include these will lead to the deduction of marks  – see the assessment sheet. All  diagrams  must  be  hand  drawn  and  included  in  the  main  body  of  the essay. Any diagram cut and paste from a website will not be marked.   

A  formal,  impersonal  and  academic  writing  style  is  required.  Avoid  colloquial language and personal  style, such as writing first person singular ’I.’ and second person ‘you’. For example avoid writing sentences such “In this essay I will....” - 
see the assessment sheet. 

Ethical Requirements  
Not applicable as the work does not require the collection of primary data Essential Reading for Coursework Task  Given  that  the  quote  in  the  question  is  taken  form  the  Griffiths,  Von  Hinke  and Smith  (2015)  it  will  be  impossible  to  answer  the  question  without  reading  this journal article carefully.
 Assessment Criteria  
1 Quality of introduction, interpretation of the question 
Is  there  an  introductory  paragraph  that  clearly  states  the  key issues that are relevant to the question?  
Does it outline how the essay will answer the question? 
2 Structure and logical development 
Is the material structured into paragraphs is such a way that it allows for the logical development of idea? 
Does  the  writing  give  the  reader  the  impression  the  work  has  been copied from various sources but not fully understood by the author? 
Depth of analysis and application of relevant  microeconomic theory 
Does the essay demonstrate a good understanding and application of relevant economics theory 
Have  any  limitations/criticisms  with  the  analysis  used  in  the  essay been discussed? 
Is there evidence of wider reading? 
Has  relevant  empirical  evidence  from  a  number  of  sources  been summarised in a coherent and logical manner. 
Has the essay only relied on one source 
Have relevant, clearly drawn and well labelled diagrams been included and explained.  
Have  diagrams  been  included  but  not  fully  explained  and  applied  to the question? 
Does  the  labelling  on  diagrams  relate  specifically  to  topic/example given in the question 

Does the essay come to an abrupt end? Is  there  a  concluding  section  drawing  together  the  various  points made? Presentation, layout and organisation Is the bibliography and referencing in the correct format Use of English Has an appropriate academic writing style been used Punctuation, grammar and spelling

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