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Analyzing PRIMARK UK's Hybrid Business Operations: Challenges, Solutions, and Recommendations

1.1 PRIMARK’s UK Effective Business Operations Management

1.1. PRIMARK’s UK Effective Business Operations Management

Focus on: “what makes PRIMARK UK successful?” OR “What are the benefits/advantages of PRIMARK’s UK business operations?” OR “Why do customers buy from PRIMARK UK?”

1.2. Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) Analysis on PRIMARK UK Going Hybrid

Focus on: Using SSM. Identify, analyses, examine, evaluate the possible issues/ problems/ challenges PRIMARK UK may encounter if it goes hybrid. I.e.: allow their customers to continue shopping in store, as well as ‘order goods online and have these delivered to their door’.

**possible search items:
challenges / problems for setting up E-commerce shop (PRIMARK UK)

E-commerce challenges / problems for clothing (PRIMARK UK)

Selling online challenges (PRIMARK UK)

(more details on SSM issues with various stakeholders: i.e interactions and communications issues with depts, suppliers, transporters, drivers, customers, payment providers).

1.3. Operation Model Supporting SSM analysis on PRIMARK UK Going Hybrid

Focus on: Choose 1: Operation Strategy Performance (priorities) Model or Customer Value Model or the Services Gap Model or Four V’s Profile etc.

E.g: Explain how will the potential problems in going hybrid (online + physical store) affect PRIMARK UK business based on the chosen Operation Model.

*IMPORTANT: DON’T use Porter’s 5 Forces or SWOT

Resilience maybe described as the ability of a supply chain to manage a disruption without having a major effect on its ability to fulfill the supply chain mission.

(more details and analysis on the problems for going hybrid)

1.4. Different Operating Models In the PRIMARK’s UK sector.

Focus on: Finding and comparing a few competitors (minimum 2) of PRIMARK UK.

i.e. similarities and differences as well as advantages and disadvantages of their business operations compared with PRIMARK UK, focusing on synthesis of important issues around problems and solutions.
Possible area of focus: Centralized/decentralized in inventory, Delivery chain, Customer value chain, Cost implications, Sustainability and/or Capacity Planning, Facilities Location Planning, Facilities Layout Planning, Product Selection, Process/Work-flow Design, Production Scheduling, Inventory Control, Quality Assurance and Control, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Services, Agiligy/Adaptability, Reliability etc.

List of possible competitors to compare with in the UK:

-H&M, Zara, Joules, Next Plc, M&S, GAP, Uniqlo etc. 

(more details and focus on the operating elements

1.5. PRIMARK UK hybrid business operations (online + physical store) value to customers in terms of critical analysis and evaluation of customer’s digital experience, how the new model will enhance the customer’s experience.

Focus on: how PRIMARK UK’s hybrid operations (online + physical store) can add value to customers.

1.2 Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) Analysis on PRIMARK UK Going Hybrid

(more details and analysis)

1.6. Innovative ways to serve their customers better. 

1.7. Consider the services which are unique and benefits to PRIMARK UK. Hybrid business operations (online + physical store) 

1.8 Consider customer value for shopping online and in store (which market sector are they chasing by changing the business model).

1.9. Comparison of different solutions with costing and choose one solution to take forward with reasoning.

Focus on: see which solution (recommendations for Parts 1.4-1.8) is the most cost effective. For example: What are the main elements of the services concept, and are these of equal importance to all customers? What trade-offs have had to be made in the design to deliver a quality services package to all of PRIMARK’s UK customers.

Suggestions on areas of focus: Customer service, Value adding services, convenience, centralized/decentralized inventory and delivery chain, cost implications, sustainability etc.

Suggestions for recommendations: can use other hybrid clothing brands as recommendations: e.g. H&M, Zara, Next, Joules, Uniqlo etc..

e.g. follow next Plc’s online shopping platform as a hybrid for PRIMARK UK’s operations because …. …. (in-tex ref)

1.10. Parcel Conundrum

Focus on PRIMARK UK’s possible delivery problems to customers door-steps with the hybrid business operations.

E.g. with the online shopping platform, PRIMARK UK may encounter delivery issues such as wrong orders sent to customers or ……

1.11. Technological Impact and Environmental (CO2) impact.

E.g. PRIMARK UK’s use of online clothes fitting technology, online shopping platform, Mobile Apps will impact or change the ….. etc

E.g. With the door-to-door delivery for the hybrid operations, more vehicles will be on the road, resulting in higher emissions and pollution …..

* In parts 1.5-1.9, include where relevant: analysis, evaluation and recommendations for sustainable operations on possible technological and environmental (CO2) impact and the parcel conundrum. 

2.1. Rich Picture for PRIMARK’s UK Hybrid Business Operations

Focus on: Pictorial representation (1 full size A4 page: Hand Drawn for PRIMARK’s UK Hybrid (online + physical) business operations of all the processes, interactions, interconnections, communications between stakeholders e.g. types of employees, customers, suppliers, service providers etc identifying and indicating all the existing and potential problems/issues/challenges as well as solutions/recommendations to these problems.

NB: ONLY 1 (ONE) Rich Picture for PRIMARK’s UK hybrid (online + physical store) business operations, I.e. include both online + physical store operation situations.

You can indicate with symbols/numbering/icons in the Rich Picture on the problems/challenges/issues and solution/recommendations, after which you can provide more detailed explanations in sentences/paragraphs in the next page (separate page from the Rich Picture)

(remember: words are not counted in this entire Part 2). (Findings and analysis will be used in Part 3 later). 

2.2. Root Definition for PRIMARK’s UK Hybrid Business Operations.

Focus on: PRIMARK’s UK hybrid (online + physical store) business operations, I.e. X, Y and Z in a single paragraph.

X = What does PRIMARK’s UK hybrid (online + Physical store) business operations do?
Y = How will it be done

Z = Why is it being done

(Remove the annotations “X=” “Y=” “Z=” in your answers, they are illustrated here to help you create your Root Definition in a single paragraph).

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