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Social Determinants of Health and Healthcare Outcomes in the UK: An Assessment

Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding of social explanations for the distribution of health and differential access to healthcare in the UK and account for the healthcare outcomes of differing social groups.

Demonstrate the following skills and abilities to acquire and present a range of academic evidence relevant to a sociological assessment of the social patterning of ill health and other key concepts in the sociology of health and illness.                       

What am I required to do in this assignment?

You will do an ePortfolio for this unit (find the template provided on BREO).

You will choose 1 social determinant of health (social class, gender, age, race and ethnicity, disability, access to technology, employment, education, financial resources, housing, etc.) and will collect artifacts (photographs/images, audio/video files, maps, figures, graphics, written text, etc.) to show how they impact on health inequalities and contribute to understanding health outcomes. (1500 words plus 3 artifacts)

Your ePortfolio must include:

·         A short introduction to it which tells the reader what the portfolio is about

·         The presentation of one social determinant of health

·         A short self-narrative on the chosen social determinant of health

·         A short conclusion to your portfolio

Choosing your social determinant of health:

·         Choose one social determinant of health (for example, gender, race/ethnicity, or age, migration, education, employment, housing, etc.) and relate it to health inequalities

·         Choose three artifacts for your social determinant of health (artifact one, artifact two and artifact three) to illustrate the impact of that social determinant on health inequalities. Artifacts can be photographs, audio/video files, maps, figures, graphics, links, written text, etc.

·         Write a short Commentary Analysis for each uploaded/included artifacts - How does the artefact included represent your social determinant and its impact on health inequalities?Writing your self-narrative – please use the following prompts to develop your narrative:

  • Why did you choose this social determinant of health?

·         What are your personal experiences in the chosen social determinant?

·         What areas of your chosen social determinant are most exciting or intriguing to you?

  • What information have you heard about the chosen social determinant that concerns you?

Please note:

·         Your ePortfolio must include qualitative and quantitative data, appropriately referenced.

·         No more than 5 –10% of the assignment should be in the form of quotations.

·         You are reminded that plagiarism of any type will be penalised and result in your work not being marked/failing.

·         Your work must be word processed, double spaced and page numbered, when applied. You must also include a word count.

You must use the Harvard referencing system to identify the source of all the information used in your assignment. You must reference systematically throughout the work itself and include a reference of the sources cited in your work.  Please pay particular attention secondary referencing in the referencing guidelines.

·         Written expression is an important element of good written communication, so try to write clearly and accurately.

·         You will be expected to draw on at least on 2 academic sources. The two is a minimum; students are encouraged to carry out wider reading and to use websites, links, governmental data, policy and legislation, media articles, social media, etc.

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)

In order to pass Assessment 1, you will need to:

·         Examine the contents and the connotative and denotative meanings of a set of selected artifacts to create awareness for health inequality in areas covered by the unit (social class, gender, age, race and ethnicity, disability, technology, doctor-patient relationship, etc.), following standard rules of grammar, punctuation, spelling and referencing, and referencing your core texts plus wider reading.

·         Reflect on the ePortfolio learning journey and experience, including aims for future growth as a health and social care practitioner/employee.

How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?

·         You will read this assignment brief carefully including the marking criteria on the next page.

·         You will focus on the task

·         You will write a short introduction, present one social determinant of health, a short self-narrative on the chosen social determinant, and a short conclusion

·         You will structure your work in the correct format, by following the template provided in PowerPoint

·         You will structure your written work in logical paragraphs connected by using linking words

·         You will use in-text references to support your ideas and arguments and include a List of References in alphabetical order

·         You will use updated academic sources to back-up your writing, when applicable

·         You will use the Harvard system of referencing to cite your sources in the body of your work and to format your Reference List

·         You will proofread and edit your work before handing it in

You will make sure you can open your ePortfolio after submitting it

How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?

This assignment should reflect what has been taught in the lectures and seminars in the unit. In lectures you will be learning about how social determinants of health and other social issues impact on health and the provision of care in society and you will be encouraged to develop your sociological analysis of these topics and reflect on your own experiences.

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