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Smart Motion Detection Device for Home and Office Security Applications

Low-Power Wide Area Network Technologies

A company wants to develop a smart motion detection device for home and office security applications. The device will be installed in hundreds of homes and offices and will be able to send motion events to a cloud. You will need to complete the following tasks:

A. Initially, a company plans to deploy 100 of such motion detectors over Greater London Area. Therefore, each motion detector will need to be equipped with a low power wide area network (LPWAN) wireless interface. Your first task is to prepare a comparative analysis of available Low Power Wide Area Network technologies (LoRA, SigFox, NB-IOT), which should include the principle of operation, characteristics, hardware, and make recommendation for the most suitable technology.

B. As opposed to traditional motion detectors that only detect motion, the proposed motion detector will be able to detect motion direction (e.g. whether a person is leaving or entering a room) by analyzing signals from multiple motion sensors. The basic idea is that if 3 motion sensors are deployed along the corridor: Sensor1 ---- Sensors 2 ---- Sensor 3, then the sequence of sensor activations will provide information about the direction. Your task is to develop code for Raspberry PI to analyse the signals from a 4x4 PIR array to detect motion direction (left, right, up, down) and display the output on an LCD screen. Your code should be able to work with noisy input. You will be given a sample code to start with (tip: try detecting motion along one row or column first).

C. Implement the remote status update function, where the system sends the motion events to the cloud over a wireless interface using MQTT protocol. This task is optional.

D. Write a report containing the following sections:

1. Introduction

2. The survey/comparative analysis on LPWAN.

3. Implementation and testing (including screenshots)

4. Conclusion

This is an individual assignment, which will be submitted to BREO.

The report should not exceed an equivalent of 5000 words.

1. Develop, implement and test an effective and practical working solution to the given problems in control system design using appropriate software and/or hardware platform.

2. Critically analyse and evaluate alternative solutions, with an analysis of trade-offs, performance and cost.

3. Document the design steps, implementation/simulation details when appropriate tools are used. Produce a logically structured and clearly presented coherent individual project report.

1. Demonstrate a fully working system. You should develop a system within an emulator first, however demonstrating it on real hardware would be a definite plus.

2. Demonstrate a good understanding of the hardware and software API

3. Analyse the limitations of the system

4. Prepare a well-written report

This assignment is related to the unit in the following ways:

1. The assignment is aimed to develop hands-on practical skills in using real Iot systems.

2. You will have an opportunity to work with popular sensor APIs and development kits.

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