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Aims and Structure of Learning Programmes in Own Specialist Area

Specific roles and responsibilities

Describe the aims and structure of learning programmes in own specialist area?

Explain key aims of education and training in own specialist area?

Describe the aims and structure of key qualifications in own specialist area?

Education and training work with the development of the leaners and arranges tools for achieving the ultimate goals of education. As a subject specialist in education trainer in UK higher secondary Diploma explains the aims of education and training making a collaboration of my specialist area by following:

Specific roles and responsibilities: Roles and responsibilities facilitate the way of succession to go in the right way. Leaners must obey all the rules such as attending class and completing homework in the assigned date (Kanchan et al., 2015). The students ensure the standard discipline and environment of teaching to make a favourable classroom for learning.

Issues associated with the specific student requirement: For the weak student ensures the special caring to develop the knowledge about business. Every student assigned a task in a regular manner and specially guided for the weak student to complete the task and enable to be a business leader.

Relating to knowledge content: Clear understanding of the student makes a lecture with different example and practical issues. By the lecture, students can achieve a complete idea about the specific issues of the business. Learners can get opportunities to gain complete knowledge by completing courses.

Special learning needs: Teachers work how to develop the student intrinsic knowledge and by the special learning students gain special needs that inclusively develop them self. For the special learning needs of the business, students arrange computer-based knowledge such as power point presentation and world document functions. Besides, ensure seminars for open questions to explore hidden knowledge.

Specialized skills: Specialized Skills of the leaners make different from others in the competitive world. In my specialist areas, the student gets the chance to develop English skills and communication skills. For improving communication skills trained student by talented mentors. IT skills of the student help to perform the task in a smart way (Bruxvoort et al., 2015).

Preparation for employment: Student can develop themselves by ensuring all of the skills and knowledge that’s are required in the business performance. In my specialist area leaners gain knowledge on how to perform a task in a proper way by maintaining efficiency in the workplace. After competing for study, the student is being capable to perform in the job market with extensive knowledge and business organisation wants to recruit them for the future benefits.

Issues associated with the specific student requirement

Current professional legislation: In my specialist areas student can enable to gain information about current professional legislation that related to the business and when students implement this knowledge in the workplace it must ensure to run the business due to proper respect with legislation.

Awarding organisation requirements: In my specialist area, students learn to perform the task in an effective way and provides services to the organisation based on the requirement (Oswick et al., 2017). Students get the chance to develop themselves that an organisation wanted for the performance.

Up to date information from the workplace: In the business needs up to date information for sustaining in the market. When students of the learners that how to be up to date in the business market it ensures more outcomes and help to develop a personal career.

Analyse philosophical issues relating to education and training in own specialist area

Philosophical issues enhance education and training performance in my own specialist area by relating leaners and teaching philosophical issues. Philosophical issues help to consider the following factors for the benefits of the leaners and business organisation:

Qualification framework: Qualification framework makes a structure to improve the education quality and proper understanding of the lecture (Oswick et al., 2017). In my specialist areas make a framework that helps the student to gain knowledge and develop them self accurately.

Specialist professional value and vision: Professional value and vision motivate learners to develop personal skills and knowledge for building a career in a business area. This philosophical issue encourages to gain professional value. (Armstrong et al., 2017) 

The specific approach to specialist knowledge: Through the training and education learners acquire knowledge on how to be a specialist in the business area. In my specialist areas student can get a chance to gather knowledge about business-related performance skills and can be specialized in different activities.

Behaviourism: Behaviourism learning is the approaches that identify human behaviour and based on the behaviour of the human acts. For this learning needed to consider individual psychology and philosophy. (Davis et al., 2017)

Humanism: Humanism learning depends on personal behaviours and cognitive factors. Humanism learning provides extensive outcomes because of this learning student capacity and effort of individual in the workplaces (Kanthan et al., 2015).

Constructive and cognitive: Cognitive learning theory described the mental process of the human and this learning theory works based on the intrinsic and extrinsic value of the student. Cognitive theory helps to accept new learning easily in the brain.

Relating to knowledge content

Experimental learning: Experimental learning indicates learning from previous experience in the organisation. This learning is very effective because the student can relate to the previous experience performance and acts more for better business.

Conclusion: Teachers work how to develop the student intrinsic knowledge and by the special learning students gain special needs that inclusively develop them self. Through the different types of learning, method student can develop themselves and get the opportunities to get desire demands in the training.

The aim and structure in my specialist area encourage the student to learn in the proper way and learners easily can understand the purpose of the study. The aim of the key qualification in the specialist area defines the purpose of education.

Syllabus requirement: Covering a course in a complete knowledge teacher must have followed a syllabus to consider the specific topic that helps to provide packages of knowledge about any issues (Bruxvoort et al., 2015). As a trainer in my specialist area provides a syllabus to consider business-related all the issues.

Academic content: Academic content makes sure when the examination of the student will be held and to complete the course requirement function in the particular year. In my specialist area provides academic content that covers all the function in the future for student development.

Skills acquisition: The purpose of my specialist area develops skills and knowledge related to business. As a trainer provide knowledge to the student to take innovate decision and perform the task in an efficient way. Acquiring technical and academic skills are ensures for the development of learners.

Functional skills: Functional skills that help to ensure completing the job task in the right way. By learning functional skills at the student life one can properly be applied and perform in the right way in. As a trainer always emphasis on the functional skills of the student.

Unit of learning: Unit of learning indicates an education system that follows a module and courses. By this learning, learners can get all the resource in hand to be competent in the business sector. In this learning students can practice problem solving, discussion and trainer help to learn in a smart way.

Holistic: Holistic education is a new movement and for ensuring democracy in learning its use in a great way. Every learner gets the same opportunities to access identity and lead a connectivity life. In my specialist area, learners are motived by this education system.

Linear:  Liner is an education system that follows the traditional way of teaching in these ages and each student follows the same framework for achieving the next stage by answering correctly (Oswick et al., 2017) for the example now we follow different elements of teaching such as classroom style, syllabus and books that are being used in the 19th century. In linear learning, there are no opportunities for caring for individual learning.

The aims and structure of learning access the path of succession by proving knowledge to consider aims and in a structured way. Student can gather proper knowledge when they enable about the aims of learning and adjust with the structure that I think like a business education trainer.

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