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Employees Work Motivation and its Effect on Performance and Business Productivity in Vietnam: A Mana

The management or business problem and its context

This is an individual assignment in the form of a narrated presentation of no more than 10 minutes long, and no more than 8 PowerPoint slides excluding the title slide.

The purpose of the assignment is to convince the listener that you have identified a management problem or issue which it is important to investigate – and that you have already made a start on that investigation, by;

  • Really trying to hone in on what it is you want to find out
  • considering relevant academic sources and
  • Exploring possible options for primary research.

The presentation should The required content of the PowerPoints/video is explained in below – follow this structure carefully.

You don’t need to squeeze everything you say on to the PowerPoints – stick to the main points and talk over the top of them.

Below sets out what your slides – and accompanying video explanation of them – should cover.

1. Working title Employees Work Motivation and its Effect on their Performance and Business Productivity in Vietnam This need not be the final title, but should give an indication of your intended research topic

2. The management or business problem that you seek to solve, and its context What is the management or business problem you wish to investigate? Briefly explain the research question(s) you are seeking to answer and make clear what the purpose or aim of your research is, i.e. What do you want to find out by the end of your dissertation, that you do not already know? (Note: it is appreciated that the area of investigation may be refined, after further work and discussion with your supervisor.

Supervisors will be allocated on the basis of your proposal). Having identified the problem, what are the objectives of the research (= the problem broken down into manageable steps)? In this section, you should also include an explanation of the business context in which your research will be set e.g. organisation or industry, in other words, the background to your research – what has given rise to your intended research and why is there a need for it? Which types of organisations or business practitioners will benefit from you solving the management or business problem that you have identified?

Cite appropriate sources to support your points. You can start with the context and move on to the aim and objectives of the research, or vice versa, whichever flows best for you.

3. Academic context Using a mind map or similar technique, comment on which area or areas of theory you think will be particularly helpful for exploring the problem/question, in a literature review e.g. marketing of services, organisational culture, and why (Please see folder ‘MIND MAPS AND VIDEOS’ on the MB759 Blackboard module). Whilst in section 2 above you have explained the business context, this section is about the academic context and should help to show where your work will sit within the existing literature.

4. Useful peer reviewed articles For this section you will need to have identified three or four peer reviewed articles (from scholarly journals on ABI Inform/(Proquest) or Emerald) which fall within the area(s) of theory identified above. Your articles should have been published in the last five years. Discuss one theory or key idea from each article which you think will be helpful for your literature review and explain why that theory or idea is particularly relevant to your investigation. The full reference for each article can appear in the notes section of the slides.

5. Primary research: Methods and Access

a) How do you intend to obtain your primary data and why do you consider that this method or methods is/are likely to be the most appropriate? Who will be in your sample? (In this section we are looking for credible plans, not simply wishful ideas!)

b) Comment on why you consider that your proposal is ‘do-able’ e.g. do you have established contacts or friends who can introduce you to potential interview respondents, who is in your network and who might those respondents be? For surveys, you need to be clear how you will maximise the response rate. ‘Convenience samples’ e.g. getting your friends to complete a survey using a web link from your Facebook page – are rarely acceptable.

6. Conclusions Briefly summarise again, what you want to find out in your dissertation, and why (if funding were available), it should be funded (suggest who will benefit, if you can solve the business problem that you have identified).

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