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Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing at Workplace: A Peer Supportive Programme

Definition of Health and Wellbeing

Hi, I need a poster about my assignment . Please read the guideline to find what to do i have done a paraphrase what should be writing on it please find on cmi task 2 what to do please chose one and do it selected as you like i just want to have a good mark please read what you have to do its task 2 i have do tast a and c please do it tast b or 2 please read this is improtant you have to do task 2 based on this this is the summary what you have to do is suporting notes please read

Assement Launch Materials 

2.1 Supporting Notes Mental health and wellbeing at Workplace The term 'health' has been around for a long time and is therefore more widely understood than the term 'wellbeing'(Anderson,2012). Health, according to WHO, is not simply the absence of diseases or infirmities, but the complete state of physical, mental, and social well-being (Dr Otorkpa, 2019). Although the definition comprehends both physical and mental health, and even includes the term 'wellbeing’. Most people do not consider mental health or the ability to live a good quality of life when they think of health. However, in recent decades, this viewpoint has gained a grip as people have become more aware of the issue (Anderson,2012). When it comes to Mental health, it does not merely imply the absence of mental illness. It is defined as "a state of well-being in which each individual realises his or her own potential, is able to cope with normal life stresses, is able to work productively and fruitfully, and is able to contribute to her or his community" (World Health Organization, 2021). Workplace performance and effectiveness are heavily influenced by mental health and well-being (Anderson, 2012).

With one in every four employees experiencing mental health issues as per recent years reports in health care organisations. It is important to address these issues occurring in organisations and employers must develop necessary strategies to maintain wellness of the employees (Scott, 2017). People take days off work for a variety of reasons, with stress and depression accounting for nearly half of all long-term absences. Mental health and Wellbeing at workplace can be improved by.

1. Promoting Mental health awareness for employees

2. Supporting staffs experiencing mental health issues

3. Analysing & Finding solutions to mental illness at workplace Employees are more motivated to achieve their personal and professional goals when they participate in emotional wellness programmes, which promote emotional stability, happiness, self-compassion, and confidence (Greenwald, 2018). Promoting a healthier way of life can bring positive mindset among the employees. One of the consequences of a busy job is that personal health management may be neglected. It is often ignored by the organisation to take notice of their employee’s mental health. Contributing time and efforts for making it easier for employees to take care of themselves physically can have a long-term positive impact on their stress levels, mental health, and wellbeing (Scott). Coaching can support in the transition from individual contributor to manager or leader, as well as the development of emotional intelligence and the confidence and ability to motivate and manage their teams. Training managers/employees regarding the mental health awareness can bring a lot of change in the organisation. Wellness programmes that are based on culture and connecting diversity yield measurable results. Managers who are effective know how to create a positive working environment supporting the employee ideas and creative space for work. Fortunately, it is something that any manager or supervisor can learn to do. Implementing proven measures for containing anger among employees and staff members is a good place to start (Robert D. Ramsey, Ed.D.,2019).

Importance of Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Introducing health-improvement programmes for employees can be simple and cost-effective, but it can have a significant impact. It's worth looking into counselling sessions to seek help for the problem employee undergo and incorporate social activities to encourage employees to be more active in their spare time, as it can pay off in terms of overall health (Scott, 2017). By implementing the above results from various articles and evidence-based journals such as CIPD and MIND, published in CMI site, a peer supportive programme is founded to be a innovative strategy to enhance mental health and wellbeing at workplace at NPP occupational therapy LTD organisation. A project called M-POWER is proposed to improve the mental health and wellbeing at workplace with LOGO, LEAFLET, TAGLINE AND PPT are made, which supports the awareness programmes and campaigns to the employees, which addresses the importance of mental health & wellness.

• LOGO The logo is designed in such a way that it represents the importance of mental health and how as a team, supporting together can bring change in organisation for a positive mental attitude and working environment. The logo with the title M -POWER, indicates the importance of mental power. The diversity in the organisation is expressed by the symbol of hands holding together, which also states the importance of supporting each other and working as a team. This could bring a positive feeling for every employee that the organisation treats them with equity.

• TAGLINE As the tagline says, empowering the mind, can bring powerful changes in work as well as in personal life. The tagline clearly expresses what the purpose of having mental health and wellbeing awareness programmes and featured initiatives.

• LEAFLET The leaflet prepared for developing wellness at workplace ensures it has all the information regarding the importance of meant health, symptoms of stress, tips for having healthy mind and necessary assistance and services provided by the organisation. It also indicated the importance of work productivity, and the bonus plans that organisation provide to improve and encourage the talents. The leaflet comes with the logo and tagline and pictorial representations which delivers the importance of each employee who reads it. Importance of clear and open communication system in the working environment is clearly mentioned in the leaflet. Information regarding the counselling services is clearly mentioned. The leaflet gives a picture of organisation’s effort to maintain healthy and positive mindset among the employees. This promotes healthier lifestyles and importance of self-assessment of stress among the employees.

• PPT The ppt explains the importance of mental health, especially at workplace. It demonstrates the ideas of how mental health strategies can be implemented in the organisation with appropriate pictures. Each slide is supported with the supported notes, which helps every employee who go through the presentation to understand the depth of the message trying to deliver through the ppt. The idea of imparting the importance of respecting each other’s value and space and incorporating activities such as open communication between the colleques and social activities and the importance of being approachable and seeking help when in trouble are all explained in the ppt. Importance of having a track on staff absenteeism is mentioned in the ppt, which can document the data and collect sources from various staffs who lags at work. This could bring the organisation’s attention about the cause for such instances and can develop appropriate measure to solve such issues. Counselling services, mind therapies could highlight the possibilities of seeking professional help whenever an employee needs help in dealing with their mental health. Having a place to share work related problems and seeking professional solution will be an advantage for any stress bearing employee.

This is highlighted both in the leaflet and in the PPT. Financial help in form of employee insurance plans and bonus plan according to the employee work productivity are also mentioned in the PPT. Creating a happier working environment (Nadine Malek Sarraf, 2021) has stated as the major priority in the PPT, which is also one of the important factors for having stability in organisation. It enhances the workforce productivity as well as increases the reputation of the organisation. Above all communication is the key, according to Bill Campbell (2021). He concludes that having the essence of management fundamental rights in practice, employees willing to be coached and bringing more love to the workplace by various activities which bond employer and can bring a lot of changes among the workers and can results in achieving happy workplace with dynamic flow of organisation development (Campbell,2021).

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