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Soft Skills in the Hospitality Industry - Case Study and Interview Process

Case Study on Receptionists

Two receptionists in ‘Wanderlust’ Hotel have separately dealt with the same situation during the last two weeks. Both had a situation were the guests complained about the hotel room which was given to them. The first complaint was made because the guest said that he booked a sea view room but the receptionist gave him a key of a country room view. The second complaint was made because a couple booked a room with a double bed, however, when they went in the room they found that the room had two single beds. Both situations couldn’t be solved by giving the guests another room because the hotel was fully booked.

The receptionist in the first situation remained calm and had a positive attitude. He listened carefully to the complaint. He assured the guests that he will do his utmost to help them and checked the booking system very well to see whether he can change their room. After checking with his superiors and other receptionists he gave a refund to the guest, discount on the final price of his stay in the hotel and a free dinner in the hotel’s main fine dining restaurant. The guest was happy with the  compensation given.

The receptionist in the second situation listened briefly and immediately informed the couple that all he could do is to join the two single beds. When the couple refused, the receptionist started to get a bit nervous. She started to act busy so she will get rid of the guests in a short time. The guests seemed very unhappy but the receptionist kept repeating that there is nothing she could do without even checking with her superiors or other staff members. The guests left the reception desk very unsatisfied with the service given at the start of their holiday.


Imagine that in the previous situation you are the front office manager of ‘Wanderlust’ hotel.

a. With your knowledge about soft skills, which of the two receptionists dealt with the situation in the best possible way? Why? ½ , 1½ marks

b. What soft skills are being shown by the employee who is dealing in the best way? Give a brief description of each soft skill which you mention. 2, 4 marks

c. Discuss how these range of soft skills effect the hotel’s business? 4 marks

d. Contrary to the previous question, discuss how the other receptionist effects the business with the lack of soft skills? 4 marks

In the following situation imagine yourself that you are a restaurant manager in one of the fine dining restaurants of ‘Wanderlust’ hotel. Some interviews will soon be conducted to recruit new food and beverage servers, and bartenders.

a. As a manager, you have been asked to develop a case study to present to interviewees during a group interview. The brief should be based on a scenario that employees would be likely to face. 3 marks

b. After developing the case study, outline how you would expect the interviewees to deal and solve the situation. In other words, the best answers you would expect from interviewees that will be employed as food and beverage servers or bartenders. 4 marks

c. Justify why the answer you gave for the previous question would be the best answer for the case study you provided in terms of the hotel’s business, customer care and employee’s reputation. 3 marks

a. The new employees will require some training. Discuss why a training needs analysis is important before devising a training programme? 2 marks

b. How will the hospitality industry benefit from good training? 2 marks

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