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Demonstrating Intercultural Sensitivity and Skills in a Multicultural Team

Task Specific Guidance

Task specific guidance: 


You will work in a multicultural team to demonstrate your ability to work effectively and collaboratively with people whose worldview is different from your own. Therefore, evidencing your intercultural sensitivity, awareness, effectiveness, and the skills required to enter the global workplace with confidence.

You will be offered a choice of oral assessment from a range of innovative tasks, and as far as is possible you will work on your choice of task with a small group (around 5 or 6 people) whose cultural background is different from your own. Every effort will be made to ensure that you will be working on your first choice of task, but please have a second choice in mind as it is in your interests for success on the module that multicultural groupings are prioritised.

You are required to select one of the following as your preference for participation in a group project, which will take the form of a 20 minute oral event:

1. An intercultural artefact  
2. A walk in someone else’s shoes 
3. A teaching session (A, B or C)

Details of each are below:

1.Intercultural artefact production

Produce and present a 2D or 3D artefact which represents a fusion of key aspects of cultures represented by your group and deliver a 20 minute ‘show and tell’ which:

presents a rationale for your artefact which clearly references cultural dimensions
offers an evaluation of what can be learned/understood/gained in business terms from seeing this particular fusion of cultures
suggests how this learning/understanding forms part of a proactive strategy for development

2. Walking in their shoes

You will be given a detailed itinerary for a two-day residential training event. Choose a culture (X) which is dissimilar to any represented within your group:

With reference to intercultural frameworks and cultural dimensions, analyse the event from the viewpoint of a participant from the culture you have chosen (culture X). 

a) How might someone from culture X respond to the events, communication and relationships of the outlined event?
b) Consider what strategies you would recommend for the culture X participant to maximise their experience of the event
c) Taking into account multicultural participants, are there any changes you might make to the itinerary if you were running this event?


3. Teach me

Design and teach a 20 minute session, which will be delivered in class. The session should offer a problem-solution approach to one of the following:

A. Working in a culturally diverse team
B. Helping UoH students become more interculturally effective
C. Making the university campus more culturally integrated

This section is for information only. 

The assessment task outlined above has been designed to address specific validated learning outcomes for this module. It is useful to keep in mind that these are the things you need to show in this piece of work. 

On completion of this module, students will:

• Have a theoretical and practical understanding of a range of frameworks, models and concepts which may be applied to your professional development for the global workplace

• Have an awareness of the key elements and impact of intercultural effectiveness and employability skills on their working relationships

• Apply the principles of effective professional behaviour and intercultural effectiveness to a variety of common workplace scenarios

• Express and justify their perspective on aspects of intercultural effectiveness and employability

• Construct a proactive strategy for the expansion of their repertoire of behaviours to function effectively in a diverse workplace

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