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Developing a Simple HRM System with Python Programming Language - Case Study

This assignment brief requires the student to produce a simple Human Resource Management (HRM) system. The program needs to be developed using Python programming language. Each student is expected to produce a program and attach the program source code in a separate file to the final assignment report. All the program testing output screens must be included in the report. This assignment brief consists of 4 tasks, which need to be completed and presented in a single report.

You are working for a software consultancy company. This company is a small and mediumsized enterprise (SME) enterprise that provides specific digital technologies and products to its clients. Your line-manager sent you a request to develop a simple HRM program in order to store employees’ detail, such as Employee ID, Name, Address, Phone number, Email, and 5 categories based on the employee’s grade (Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, Grade D, and Grade E). As part of the software development team, you are going to develop an HRM system that should have the following functions (options)

1. Add (register/record) new employee details.

2. Search for any employee details (You can use Employee’s ID as a primary key).

3. Remove any employee including all the client details.

4. Print all the employee’s details.

5. Order the stored clients based on their names.

6. Save the employees’ details into the file. 

Algorithm and the Process of Developing a Software System – As a Junior Database Developer in the software development team, you should create a report, which explains the HRM software system development basic principles. The report should have the following

• The definition of algorithm that outlines the process in developing the HRM software system from the feasibility study stage up to the execution stage, and also, provide detailed steps from the execution stage with writing code and the program comments.

• Based on the business scenario, you should provide an algorithm of the HRM system to be developed. While making an implementation of your developed algorithm using Python programming language. You should include in the explanation of the implementation, the relationships between the algorithm and your Python code.

The Programming Paradigms and Integrated Development To ensure that your report includes set of findings and key contributions from researching the characteristics of procedural, event driven and object-oriented programming paradigms and the relationship between them. Also, it is important to analyse the common features that a developer has access to in an integrated development environment (IDE) Indeed, it is important to critically evaluation the procedural, event driven and object orientated paradigms with relevant source code examples. The report, on the programming paradigms, should also include critical evaluation of your Python code related to different programming paradigms according to its code structure and characteristics.

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