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Assessment Outcomes and Required Resources - Coursework

Learning Outcomes

Assessment Outcomes And Required Resources

Learning Outcomes

As a result of undertaking this coursework, the student will be able to:

? Appreciate the importance of market research and conduct one

? Keep abreast with the current system requirements available on the market

? Conduct a comparison exercise and formulate a conclusion for the recommended system

Required Resources

The following list of resources are required to complete this assessment:

? Not applicable.

Assessment Instructions (Read the following instructions carefully) Instructions

This coursework forms part of the graded assessment, and counts towards the final mark in this unit.

Only softcopies of the final coursework are to be accepted. A link will be provided on this course’s Moodle page for students to upload their work. Failure to submit by the deadline will result in the assessment not being graded.

Presentation is important and students may be penalised for lack of adequate presentation. All relevant working must be shown.

The assignment needs to be written in ENGLISH and students are reminded of the necessity of good English in their work.

The final uploaded document needs to be in PDF format only.

Students are to answer ALL the questions set in this coursework.

This coursework involves research. Students will be penalised for lack of adequate referencing and citation techniques in the research.

Note: Depending on the nature of the coursework, you might be asked to present the work you have carried out and/or called for an interview/meeting for a step-by-step explanation of your work, and to justify any approach or use of code in your piece of work.


Plagiarism may result in your coursework being annulled and you earning zero (0) marks for this work. Plagiarism can be one of the following:

Copy and pasting someone else’s work

Paraphrasing someone else’s work

To avoid claims of plagiarism:

Copy and pasting someone else’s work should be limited to definitions and should be enclosed in double quotation marks and cited immediately afterwards.

Paraphrasing someone else’s work involves replacing words here and there with synonyms. You should either quote it as per above or write it in your own words. How would you explain it to your younger sibling? Even then, you still need to cite the source (Author, Year) and have a reference to it listed at the back of the report using the following format (not necessarily in CAPS):

Required Resources

Author, Year, Title, Publication, Publisher, Pages

Please refer to the supporting resources on the SMI VLE (Moodle) for more information, as guided by your lecturer.

Jacky is a Software Designer working at one of the established software companies based in London. She graduated in Computing from the University of London in 2018 and hence since been working at this company. At the moment she is looking at different universities to pursue her studies at a Masters level.

Jacky was born and raised in Birmingham and still keeps in contact with many of her childhood friends. She has two siblings, a younger brother Dave and an older sister Rona. Rona is married and lives abroad in Spain while Dave is still living with their parents in Birmingham. Jacky won numerous competitions related to art over the years as this seems to be a passion she has had since a little child. In her spare time she loves to do a variety of outdoor activities with her friends such as hiking and camping. Jacky is also a passionate volunteer at one of the dog sanctuaries in London - the Battersea cats and dogs home. She has always been an animal lover and has had a number of dogs over the years. In particular, she was especially fond of Rover and Riva, two golden retrievers who were an integral part of her childhood. Although she is happy working in busy London, she does aspire to move out into the country in the near future and have a house and garden with dogs roaming around!

Jacky also loves travelling and this is evident from the numerous photos she posts of herself in different locations around the world. From Italy to Scandinavia, to China, to Australia, to Fiji, to Canada, to South Africa, to the US and to Argentina … It seems that she is intent on visiting every country in the world! Alone or with her friends, she enjoys it in any way!

Jacky is always busy doing something and is constantly active with her hobbies and friends. As any true Brit, a stop at the pub is not missing either and she enjoys the odd drink with her friends, especially Jane and Martha.

The aim of this assignment is to try and guess the password of the person described above. To our advantage, we do know that the password we are looking for is 6 characters long and consists of small letters and numbers only.

Assessment Instructions

(a) Statistically it is proven time and time again that users use passwords which are linked to themselves. Based on this assumption, the first approach to finding such a

password would be to use knowledge of the user. With this in mind you are to list a minimum of twenty (20) pieces of relevant data from the information given by the user which may be used as a basis for such a password.

(b) Based on what you have listed in part (a) above or otherwise, make a list of dictionary words which you believe may be useful in determining this password.

(c) It is unlikely (hopefully!) that the password of this individual consists of only a dictionary word. Hence, your next step is to prepare for an intelligent attack. Using the dictionary words you identified above and possibly further data from (a), draw a list of possible passwords within the specifications provided.

(d) Ultimately, we have the brute force which will always work. Thus, you need to prepare a complete list of possible passwords using the criteria above. Although you are welcome to write a program here to help you if you want, you can do this manually (!) or by using one of the online tools. (Indicate any website used).

(e) Finally, try your luck! Select 10 passwords from all that you have done above and see if you manage to match it on the link provided in Moodle. Provide screenshots of your attempts!

Structure of the report

You need to compile your answers in a report and submit one PDF document. The report should be structured as follows:

1. Cover page showing all your relevant details (including name, SM No, programme of study, unit and title of assignment).

2. Introduction - In the introduction you should briefly mention what the assignment is about and also indicate how your document is structured.

3. Provide your answers to the questions set out for this coursework.

4. Conclusion – it is always important to wrap up your work. Thus, in the conclusion you briefly outline what the assignment was about and what you did. Being an academic exercise it is also important to say what you learnt from the assignment and/or what you found particularly challenging to do and how you tackled this.

Further guidelines

? Use subheadings in the sections above to divide your work accordingly. Avoid having one whole long essay.

? Start each section on a new page.

? Where necessary use diagrams and explain them.

? Use professional layouts and nothing fancy! Please use the provided template.

? All information (including diagrams) must be well referenced.

? Use spelling and grammar checks! Remember that you are now studying for a technical diploma/degree and so it is expected that you give a good technical detail,

based on valid academic references.

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