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Evaluation of Gate Barrier System used by Network Rail/Scotrail in Scotland


Your report should be presented in a professional manner. All pages should be numbered and you should provide a table of contents. The table of contents should have the following sections: ? Stakeholders ? Use Case Diagrams and their associated textual descriptions ? XP Style Story Cards ?

Non Functional Requirements Page 1 of 7 Ver 1 You should use the templates for the Use Case Textual descriptions and the XP Style Story cards given in Appendix A and B. Scenario You are employed by Caledonian Consultants and have been tasked with the evaluation of the gate barrier system being using by Network Rail/Scotrail at railway stations in Scotland.

The current barrier system has been in place for a number of years and while the gates are still fit for purpose there is a need to use them to provide more information about the flow of passengers. Looking further ahead there is a desire to phase out paper tickets. Ticket barriers can be configured to operate in either direction to either allow entry onto the platform or exit from the platform.

They only operate in one direction at a time. A display panel is used to indicate the appropriate direction. A red cross means no entry and a green tick means entry. The displays work as a pair on either side of the ticket barrier. (One is a red cross and the other is a green tick) For Health and safety purposes the time and data that a ticket barrier is set up in a particular direction is recorded electronically in the gate log.

The barriers currently utilise a standard British Rail ticket or a smartcard to allow exit from a platform or entry onto a platform. The ticket contains information relating to:  Start location, Destination, Date of validity, Cost, Ticket Type To exit from a platform or enter onto a platform you must have a ticket with a valid operational date.

An individual gate can be manually opened by the gate supervisor and all gates can be opened at once by the gate supervisor in an emergency. Each gate has an LCD panel under the cover which the gate supervisor can view when the front cover is opened.

This is used to display error messages and to provide information regarding the operation of the system. Each gate also keeps a count of the number of valid tickets and the number of invalid tickets inserted each day. Information such as the front cover Page 2 of 7 Ver 1 being opened and the gate being manually opened is written to the gate log file.

Use Case Diagrams and their associated textual descriptions

When a valid ticket is inserted and the ticket indicated that the current location is end destination the ticket is retained by the system. In addition to paper tickets the gates also support the use of the Scotrail smartcard. The smartcard contains encrypted information concerning the user. This information is the users full name and a unique identification number.

The user of the smartcard is required to tap the smartcard onto the yellow circle at the gate. The ticket barrier carries out validation activities on the card and on any journeys that are “loaded” on the card. Ticket inspectors on trains can also check the Smartcard for validity as part of their normal duties. Scotrail staff are issued with Smartcards to allow them to access the platforms as part of their job role.

The smartcards again contain encrypted information which is the name of the employer and their employee number. For security purposes the when an employee taps the yellow circle with their smartcard there entry/exit is recorded along with their employee number. The ticket barrier is set up to recognise the employee number.

This may be used to analyse their movements as part of their shift pattern. You are required to use your knowledge of software engineering to address the questions being asked in the tasks below. Appendix D shows a photograph of the barriers at Glasgow Central. This is a typical set up for busy stations in Scotland and across the UK.

Task 1

You should produce a detailed list of 5 Stakeholders in the current and proposed new system. This should include a detailed discussion of what a particular stakeholder needs/gets from the system. (20 marks)

Task 2

(a) You should produce a Use Case diagram and its associated use case textual description for the use case Insert ticket in gate slot. Page 3 of 7 Ver 1 (15 marks)

(b) You should produce a Use Case diagram and its associated use case textual description for the Use Case Tap Customer Smartcard on gate yellow circle. (15 marks)

Task 3

(a) You should produce an XP Style story card for the activity Tap Staff Smart Card. (15 marks)

(b) You should produce an XP Style story card for the activity Configure Gate Direction (15 marks)

Task 4

A detailed discussion of 5 non-functional requirements of the proposed system. (20 marks)

Additional Project Requirements Extra requirements may be added at a later date. Domain Knowledge You are not being assessed on your knowledge of ticketing systems and gate barriers. You are being assessed on your ability to understand the requirements your clients have for a computerised record system.

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