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Assignment Task - Business Process Analysis

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed.

Assignment Task (100%):

 This is an individual assignment. Choose a business process that is performed by an organisation, such as

  • Automating a technical support system (Help Desk)
  • Booking a seat at a theatre
  • Buying a car insurance policy

For your chosen process:

  • Briefly describe the business process that you selected and its functionality.
  • Construct a Data Flow Diagrams (DFD) for it.
  • Construct an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD).
  • Design and implement an Access database system for your chosen process.
  • Submit a report documenting both the analysis and implementation of your system. Your report must include (not included in the word count) the following diagrams:
    • Data Flow Diagrams: levels 0, 1 and 2
    • Entity Relationship Diagram: The entities needed to support the business processes.
    • Screen shots of your database SQL  tables and queries.

You are required to produce an 800-word report (plus or minus 10%). It is permissible to go 10% over the target word count. Any material that goes beyond the target plus 10%, however, will not be considered during the marking process.

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed.

  1. Justify a system development methodology for contemporary business systems development.
  2. Use appropriate analysis and design methods to identify and specify information systems requirements.
  3. Resolve inconsistencies resulting from the application of different analysis and design techniques used for different purposes.

AOL Programme learning outcomes Assessed

This assignment will help you to apply theory to discussion and analysis for a range of contemporary business context. Further, it will enable you Identify and explain professional and commercial/corporate issues. It will enable critical evaluation of professional and commercial/corporate issues. Strong communication skills are essential for employability in IT sector.

Tasks for Part 1

The following tasks will guide you through the process described above and covers both parts:

Task 1 (10%)

Produce a short statement of the scope and objectives of your project.  Describe the functionality and Sub-processes of your chosen process.

Task 2 (25%)

Draw a dataflow diagram to reflect the main process at its sub-process discussed in Task 1 above. It might prove fruitful to commence by identifying the Sub-processes and then to identify data that flows in order to accomplish each task.  You need to produce level 0 (context diagram), level 1 and level 2 DFDs.

Naming Convention: The name of each process must be in the following format: Your initials_ProcessName. For example, to create a process called Create Booking, add your initials before the process name i.e., IF_Create Booking (IF for Ihsan Faraj).

Task 3 (15%)

Construct an entity relationship diagram that represents data used in the business which is needed or generated by the various Sub-processes (see Task 2).

Naming Convention: The name of each entity must be in the following format: Your initials_EntityName

For example, IF_Customer (IF for Ihsan Faraj).

Tasks for Part 2

Task 4 (40%)

Develop a database prototype in Microsoft Access, which demonstrate aspects of your business and should be functional. For example, it should allow search and extraction of data, update and amendment, use of queries and reporting. Ideally, a front-end menu should be available for ease of access to the system. Provide a brief description of the main queries the prototype supports.

Tasks for Part 1 and Part 2 combined

Task 5 (10%)

Prepare a report that documents the findings from Task 1-Task 4. The report should include an Executive Summary, Introduction, work carried out and any rationale used to support your approach and conclusions. Include screen shots of your tables and queries.  Any supporting documentation can be included in appendices.

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