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Understanding the Relationship between Nursing and Ageing Theories

Case Study Outline

The introduction should act as a guide to the reader and help signpost them through your essay. This section should outline precisely the areas you will be talking about. For example, if you simply talk about nursing or ageing theories, this is not sufficient, you need to identify and describe how this theory relates to the care you provide and or the assessment of the people you are nursing. 

Case Study outline (300words) 
Madam Ang is an 75-year-old Chinese widower, admitted to hospital with unwitnessed fall, and this is the 7th fall incident during this year. She has been lived alone in a rented apartment since her husband has passed away 1 year ago, she has a daughter who lives and works in Australia. Her neighbour Lily noticed she did not pick up the food infront of the door for two days and immediately activated police, they found Madam Ang was lying on the floor in the toilet with tap water running. Ever since her husband passed away, Lily noticed that Madam Ang’s declining health, she fell down a lot, become very forgetful, and functional decline which loss independence in self-care, she refused to clean herself up, cooking or even her favourite hobby such as gardening. 
She has chronic illness of hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, diabetes and osteoporosis, she was diagnosed on lumbar compression fracture during this admission, which on conservative management. While during hospitalization, she noted to be declined all the treatment offered and wanted to go home, she verbalized that she does not trust hospital and do not want to increase burden of the medical bills. 
Madam Ang’s case is assigned and known to medical social worker Rachel. Madam Ang was permit for home visit with presence of Lily. Signs of personal and environmental neglect noted upon inspection, the room smells of urine, rotting food, and unwashed dishes and bags of rubbish were placed around the kitchen, she was walking by cruising along the furniture, however noticed to be moving unsteadily. While asking some questions during assessment, she became teary when mentioning her husband, and often repeating words herself. She reports feeling “very unmotivated and hopeless”, and has not feel like want to clean up the surrounding, grooming herself, or cooking ever since her husband died from illness last year. She states that she always tired and sometimes dizzy during to irregular meal, sometimes one day a meal, or does not want to eat at all, she has been loss of appetite and weight a lot.  

Section 1 (600words) 
This should discuss international and national policies that relate to older people’s health and your case study. 
For this section you should look at Global policies such as WHO in terms of older people’s health.  You then need to discuss and evaluate national and local policies relevant to your country on older people’s health health and your case study. You then need to broaden the discussion and relate the national/local policies you have chosen to your case study. 
For example: You might want to take one or two examples and critically discuss them exploring the impact on
your case study and how this aligns with older people’s health generally.

Section 2 (600words) 
You will provide an overview of the theories and discuss one ageing theories that relates best to your case.  Explain how it fits with your case study In this section there is an expectation that you demonstrate that you are aware of the various theories of ageing. 
You will then consider discussing one ageing theory that best applies to your case. There is an expectation that the theory you choose would be critically discussed – so the strengths and weakness of the theory. There is a requirement to link discussions of the theory to the case study.  So you need to explain how the theory fits with your case study. 
-written in academic style (3rd person) and supported by evidence from the literature.

Section 3 (600words) 
You will provide an overview of the theories and discuss one nursing theory that relates best to your case.  Explain how it fits with your case study

In this section you may want to make reference to examples of key nursing theories that are available relating to older people’s health care. You will then choose one theory to discuss in detail and relate to your case. 
For example, you may choose to discuss person-centered care. You would explain what this is and support your statements with relevant literature that focuses on the use of person centered care. Make sure you apply this to your particular case.
This section is approximately 600 words, written in academic style (3rd person) and supported by evidence from your reading.

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