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Coursework 2 (Individual Assignment) - Parts A and B

Coursework 2 (Individual Assignment) consists of two parts: Part A and Part B. It should be submitted to the module website on WebLearn.

To create a shell script that works with the functions as required in the task. Related documents must be produced and submitted.

Carry out your own research to produce a technical report on the Process Management in Operating System. Further requirement details about the report are mentioned in Part B section. Filename: report12345678.doc

You are required to submit three files

  1. A file for Part A with discussion and screenshots: partA_script12345678.docx
  2. Video presentation (mp4) – to demonstrate how your scripts works with the functions as required.
  3. The report file for Part B: partB_report12345678.docx
  1. Shell scripts (32 marks)

You are required to write a UNIX shell script (a shell program) to complete a buy fruits system (filename: buyFruit or for customer to use. It should have the following functions:

  • Buy could be once, or, multi-times without terminating the current session.
  • The program should produce a summarized report for each buy.
  • Exit the system when buy is completed.

Your session should be similar to:

“” on the first line of the screenshot above is the name of the shell program which you should create for this task. It should be able to recognize the commands “quit” and “buy”, which are functions defined below:

  • “quit” – displays a message such as “-----Thanks for your purchase! -----“, and then quit the system. (2 marks)
  • “buy” – starts your buying with prompts that takes inputs and produces a summary for your buying, such as, time and date, what fruit and how many kg is bought, how much to pay. The screenshot above shows an example of a buy. (12 marks)
  • Some inputs for buying fruits should be validated, such as (11 marks)
    • Customer’s name (your own name) should not be empty (3 marks)
    • Fruit names should be correctly provided (4 marks)
    • Weight of fruit to buy should be integer, no less than 1 kg (4 marks)
  • The program should accept your choices either in uppercase, lowercase, or, a single letter, such as, “quit”, “QUIT”, “q” or “Q”, “buy”, “BUY”, “b” or “B”. (4 marks)
  • At the end of each buy, customers should have the option to either start another buy, or, quit the system.

If you enter a wrong choice, for example ‘ok’, the program should recognize it and display a message, such as:

‘Sorry, ‘ok’ is not a valid choice. Please enter ‘quit’ or ‘buy’.’ until a correct choice is entered, i.e. ‘quit’ or ‘buy’. (3 marks)

In the file of “partA_script12345678.docx”, you are required to briefly discuss how the above functions are implemented. In this file, screenshots should be provided to show the interactive working record of your shell scripts, including validations, summary of your buy, etc.

  1. video presentation (mp4) (8 marks)
  • To demonstrate how your scripts work with the functions as required by this task.

The video filename is partA_12345678.mp4 

Task Description

Process management is an essential part of Operating System (OS). It involves various tasks such as creation, scheduling, termination of processes, etc.

You are required to carry out self-learning/research on the topic of process management; and write a report based on your understanding about the management. Your report should focus on the technical issues of the process management with example/s to demonstrate your deep understanding. The report should be the culmination of good literature search work carried out through using a good mix of sources: book, journals, industry white papers, research outputs of organisations, web resources that have provenance, and textbooks.

This technical report should be about 1500 words in length (excluding Cover page, Contents page and References).

The report structure and quality will also be marked, based on the criteria of quality of communication/expression and overall structure – organisation of material and quality of documentation.

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