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Supply Chain Management Practices of Johnson and Johnson

Global network planning and logistics

This assignment is worth 50% of the total unit mark. It is an individual assessment.
Copying of work or reports is not permitted and will be dealt with under the University rules on plagiarism. This work is marked out of 100.

This coursework involves carrying out an investigation into the supply chain management practices of Johnson and Johnson, an American multinational company that operates in the health care area with its headquarters in
New Brunswick, New Jersey. Your report should cover the following areas:
1. Introduction including a brief historical development of company
2. Global network planning and logistics
3. Inventory management
4. Use of IT and other technologies
5. Customer service and pricing
6. Ethical and environmental policy.
7. Conclusion and recommendations


Your report should involve reviewing the literature and any relevant quantitative/qualitative data within these areas.
The report should include a list of references (mainly academic) which must be cited in the main text. Statements made in the report must be based on the evidence either from the literature and/or the data. The report should be typed (font size 10 or greater) and between 2000 - 2500 words (excluding references). Please state the number of words at the start of your report and upload as a pdf file with your student
ID number as the file name (e.g. 2645342.pdf).


Marking will be based on the quality of the introduction and overview, the presentation and clarity of the report, the critical nature of the literature review, theuse and analysis of data, the evidence base for the conclusions and
recommendations and the quality of references used.


Resources available
In addition to the powerpoint lecture slides uploaded onto Moodle, the University of Portsmouth’s library website provides access to academic books as well as journal papers via a number of databases (e.g. Science Direct or Web of Knowledge) (see


Other materials on the internet can be used but with an understanding that the material may be promotional and/or unsubstantiated.

The University of Portsmouth leases telephone lines and is charged according to the following rules: £400 per month for each of the first five lines; £300 per month for each of the next five lines; £100 per month for each additional line. The School of Mathematics and Physics makes 150+(30*a) calls per hour, the School of Civil
Engineering makes 120+(30*b) calls per hour, and the rest of the University makes 90+(30*c) calls per hour. Assume that each line can handle 30 calls per hour. The University wants to determine how much each part of the University should pay for the phone service. where


a = The second digit of your student ID number
b = The fourth digit of your student ID number
c = The sixth digit of your student ID number


(e.g. student ID number 356713 gives a=5, b=7 and c = 3) Please show all working when answering the following questions:


a) Find all the characteristic functions[6 marks]
b) Is the core empty, has a unique point or has a set of infinite points? Justify your answer. [4 marks]
c) Calculate the Shapley values in order to allocate the university’s phone costs [6 marks]
d) Is the coalition of the 3 players stable, or will some sub-coalitions try to break off from this coalition? Justify your answer. [4 marks]
e) From your calculations, summarise your recommendations to the University of Portsmouth [no more than 200 words]

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