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Analyzing the Role of Internet Marketing in the UK Fashion Industry: A Case Study of Zara and Sainsb

Literature Review - Internet marketing


Note: This reference paper is Issued for guidance purposes only. Students need to follow the guidelines provided in the Module Study Guide, Assessment and Marking Criteria and use their research and presentation skills.
What should be your topic?

Is Internet Marketing a viable Promotional Tool? (A case study of “Chosen Company”)

Which Company / Brand you should select?

You must select a company or brand of your choice companies within the UK Fashion Industry.  No other company or sector is allowed.

Aim To evaluate and analyse role of Internet marketing within the UK fashion industry - Zara. Sainsburys (Clothing) A case study of M&S clothing, Zaara etc.

Research Questions

Research Objectives 1 - To critically review the literature on Internet Marketing.
Research Objectives 2 - To evaluate changing nature of Internet Marketing and identify challenges faced in implementation.
Research Objectives 3 - To explore opportunities provided by Internet Marketing and identify the impact of promotional tools.
Research Objective 4 - To recognise the issues regarding internet marketing.

Research Questions

Research Question 1 - What are the theories and frameworks written on Digital Marketing?
?Research Question 2 - How is IM changing and what challenges are faced in the implementation of IM?
?Research Question 3 - What are the opportunities provided by IM and how impactful are the promotional tools?
?Research Question 4 - What are the issues regarding internet marketing?

How to write your Business Research Report Key Chapters in your report (Please add additional chapters only if considered necessary) Contents
Executive Summary (Optional)
2.Literature Review – changing nature of Internet marketing
3.Research Methodology (Secondary Research)
4.Research and Findings
5.Conclusion and recommendations, limitations

Key points of reference
1.Introduction 10 marks

(appx 450 words) Briefly explain the company background. Evaluate and analyse the factors that have contributed to the popularity of marketing tools in the current digital environment with a clear focus on internet marketing. Your work will focus on the role of Internet marketing within the UK fashion industry. 

Structure of Introduction:
Background of the company and research.
Research Aim
Research Objectives
Research Questions
Research Rationale
Summary of the project (each chapter) 

2.Literature Review -
Internet marketing 20 marks

(appx 900 words) You need to consider the changing nature of internet marketing and address the challenges it faces. Internet marketing as a promotional tool - Companies are keen to explore the opportunities provided by internet marketing and the potential impact as a promotional tool. 

Recognise some issues from marketing/digital marketing and consumer behaviour perspective regarding internet marketing.

Structure of Literature Review Introduction to the chapter Literature on the topic Theories and frameworks on the topic Literature gap

3.Research Methodology 15 marks (appx 650 words)
 Secondary data only Qualitative Or/And quantitative research via secondary data collection from the database Mintel, Structure of Research Methodology Introduction to chapter

Research onion (Discribe Research Methodology saunder’s Research Onion) Research Philosophy Research Approach Research strategy Data collection Data analysis Ethical considerations

4.Research and Findings 30 marks (appx 1350 words)

Objectives / Research questions: Marketing problems marketing advertising issues, communication issues, lack of market research, social media and so forth Consumer behaviour (factors affecting consumer purchase behaviour in the market) Please use ample charts, graphs and pictures to present your findings and derive your findings. 

Structure of Research & Analysis Research and findings Introduction Data analysis Discussions

5.Conclusion and recommendations 15 marks (appx 650 words)

Summarise your findings on Marketing problem such as marketing advertising issues, communication issues, lack of market research, social media and so forth Consumer behaviour (factors affecting consumer purchase behaviour in the market) Add limitations of the study if any Add a conclusion with your recommendations on how you can improve the above through Internet marketing as a promotional tool Structure of Research & Analysis Conclusion Recommendation Limitations of the study


Bibliography of all the secondary data sources used.

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