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CBE6194 Managing People in Organisations

The Assignment Guide should be used in conjunction with the Assignment Brief as itspurpose is to provide guidance as to how best to respond to the requirements of the assignment brief. It also gives an indication of what the marker will be looking for in the piece of work.
All three learning outcomes are addressed within the tasks of the assignment:
 Define theories, models and concepts relating to the study of human behaviour in the workplace.) Demonstrate an understanding of how these theories can explain the way that people behave and interact at work.
 Identify and explore the role of HRM in managing the employment relationship through policy and practice. To succeed in the module, you must satisfy all learning outcomes, which in turn means addressing each part of the assignment brief – missing something out will impact your grade negatively.
2. Report Task Guidance
2.1. Task One – Identifying Issues
“Identify the issues that the company are experiencing with their productivity in relation to the recruitment, selection and on-boarding procedures.”
a)Ensure that this section of the report only focuses on what you know from the business case study – do no try to ‘imagine’ other issues the company may beexperiencing.
 Quote from the case study and name the type of HRM issue that you believe it is from your studies in class and in your individual research, for example is a recruitment issue, a selection issue, or an induction issue. 
 The only requirement of this section is to inform the reader of the purpose of the report and what issues the company are experiencing – therefore it should be completed as the introduction to your report.
2.2. Task Two  Defining HRM recruitment and selection models and theories.“Define HRM recruitment and selection models, theories and concepts that Farmboxcurrently have in place and explain how these can affect the behaviour of the staff within the workplace, that may also affect productivity.” PLAN before typing this section use the information from lectures and the research you have carried out, work out which recruitment, selection and induction/onboarding strategies or theories that Farmbox have implemented.
 Explain in your writing by using theory to support your claim, how the theories and strategies that Farmbox have put in place are affecting their staff behaviour both positively and negatively, you should also quote from the business case study in the brief to support your claims of how the staff are behaving.
 IMPORTANT: DO NOT COMMENT ON THE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE ASPECTS OF THE THEORIES AND STRATEGIES IN THIS SECTION – JUST STAFF BEHAVIOUR. The report then needs to then move onto explaining how the staff behaviour is affecting the productivity of Farmbox again only using research to support your claims. You can create as many paragraphs within this section as you feel is necessary for your report. This section must follow the pattern below and needs to be Theory and Staff behaviour which links to Staff Behaviour and Productivity
2.3 Task Three – Assessing the Appropriateness of Models.
“Assess the appropriateness of the models, theories and concepts that have been deployed by Farmbox and identify the positive elements and any area of the procedure that may need to improve.” 
 For each of the models, theories and concepts that you have stated, within your report, that Farmbox have deployed you must now discuss the positive and negative aspects of them - it is important to make this clear so that you can easily identify the areas that Farmbox are doing well and no change is needed, but more importantly you need to be able to demonstrate that you can assess a company and know when improvements are needed.
When commenting on the positive and negative elements – use research to prove in your writing why. It is not enough to simply state that a certain model or theory is ineffective you need to prove that it is by giving specific examples from your research – not just the Farmbox case.
 You can create as many paragraphs within this section as you feel is necessary for your report.
2.4 Task Four – Identifying and recommending models
“Identify and recommend models, theories and concepts, policies and procedures for Farmbox to adopt to improve their operational productivity though more effective HRM talent management.”
 This section is the conclusion of your report and needs to focus on the new and improved strategies, theories, and concepts that you want Farmbox to take on. 
There must be a mixture of improved implementation of at least one theory or strategy and recommendations of new theories and strategies that will improve productivity and staff behaviour at Farmbox.
 Your work needs to be based on research and provide evidence of why the improvement you have suggested will work for the company.
3. Conclusion
This report, like all other pieces of work for Higher Education studies, requires you to base your thoughts, statements, and ideas on research. Ensure that each piece of information you use in your work comes from research never your own thoughts. That you follow the Harvard Reference System on the reference page and within your work. That the writing style that you adopt is academic i.e., third person, uses appropriate specialist language, and has no conjunctions. That the report followed the required report structure – refer to the guidance given during your Foundation Year modules.

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