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Safety and Risk Management Assignment for CPE61022


This assignment carries 95 marks. An online quiz based on the module lectures will carry 5 marks.
To complete the assignment please use the content of the lectures and course notes from Autumn 2021, the references given plus any other research you deem appropriate. Please justify your statements; justification is as important as being correct.

Please submit your assignment to the appropriate CPE61022 Turnitin submission point preferably as a Word file. If you submit in PDF format this file must have been created by Adobe Acrobat.

The assignments are marked anonymously; please do not use your name within the assignment.
The front page of your submission must have your student number and the unfair means statement.
The unfair means statement is:

The attached is all my own work except where specifically stated. I have read the section on Plagiarism in the PGT student handbook. I understand it and the attached work contains no Plagiarism as defined therein.”

Due Dates:
There are multiple due dates for this assignment, please refer to each question. Please note:

It is your responsibility to ensure that your submission is in a format that can be marked; it is therefore recommended that you check this both before and after you have submitted to Turnitin.
There are formal penalties for any assignment submission which significantly exceeds the upper word limit for an assignment. The normal upper word limit is 4,000 words, excluding the front page, table of contents, references, charts, and figures. Penalties start at 5,000 words. These penalties are in addition to any formal penalty for late submission. Please refer to the PSLP student handbook for further information.


1: Layers of Safety 
Applying the principles of Inherent Safety, comment on aspects of the Gas Reception Terminal design which could have been considered at the initial stages of the project. (5 marks)


Plot the relative cost, both in terms of Initial Capital and Operating Cost for implementation of different types of layers of safety using the template format shown in Figure 1. (5 marks)


2  HAZID [15 Marks in Total]
DUE DATE 23:00 Monday 22 November 2021
2a) [10 Marks]
You have decided to carry out a HAZID for the operation.
Prepare Terms of Reference for this, setting out how the following:
i. How it will be carried out;
ii. What preparations will be required;
iii. Who should participate;
iv. What guidewords should be used;
v. What should be recorded


2b) [5 Marks]
What should be done with the output of the HAZID, in particular with any recommendations?

Due Dates


3 Safety Management Systems [20 Marks in Total]
“In the early hours of Sunday 11th December 2005, a number of explosions occurred at Buncefield Oil Storage Depot, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. At least one of the initial explosions was of massive proportions and there was a large fire, which engulfed a high proportion of the site. Over 40 people were injured; fortunately there were no fatalities. Significant damage occurred to both commercial and residential properties in the vicinity and a large area around the site was evacuated on emergency service advice. The fire burned for several days, destroying most of the site and emitting large clouds of black smoke into the atmosphere.”1

3a) [10 marks]
Identify the elements of the management system at the Buncefield Oil Storage Depot as listed in the Energy Institute framework that failed.

3b) [10 marks]
Suggest how the elements identified in 3a) could be improved and suggest performance indicators for them.


4 HAZOP [25 Marks]
Imagine that you are tasked with organising a HAZOP study on the Gas Reception Terminal Stabilisation Process. Make a plan for the study setting out:
Team member skills and attributes, with justification. (5 marks)

Keywords to be applied during the HAZOP, with justification. (8 marks)
Mark candidate nodes on the Stabilisation Process PFD and submit this with your assignment. Justify your selection of these nodes in the narrative submission. (7 marks)
Outline any other important elements of the Plan. Explain why they you believe these will be important. (5 marks)


5 – Bowtie [25 Marks]


5a) [15 marks]
Draw a Bowtie diagram for loss of containment due to any cause from the storage facility of amgeneric fuel storage depot.
Please use appropriate Bowtie software to develop your diagram; a trial version of BowtieXP is available from and an extended licence is available from the University, if you need it.
Please ensure that the elements of your Bowtie are legible after submitting to Turnitin. I suggest you take a snapshot of the whole Bowtie to show the overall structure, then a number of images of the legs of the Bowtie to show the detail.


5b) (10 marks)
In the period before the Buncefield incident, previously looked at in Question 3, the number of staff on the facility had been reduced. What might have been different had the number of staff remained at the higher number? Explain your answer with reference to the Bowtie diagram and illustrate the impact of any changes using a risk matrix.

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