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Differences Between Leadership and Management in Client Organization

Analyzing the Difference Between Management and Leadership

Analyse the differences between leadership and management in your client organisation, supporting your answer with two relevant theories and with examples from the organisation. 

You must bring out the difference between management and leadership, referring to two theories and giving examples from your chosen organisation;

You don’t have to use the Senior Team but you can refer to your own department or team – refer to what you know and can observe;

Your answer should be a combination of:

Evidence from your own observations of whether the people you work with manage or lead and what style they use when they do it give examples. What is important is your explanation of what you observe; Your evidence might be the results of your own observations and/or they might be taken from conversations you have held with colleagues.

It’s better not to quote a conversation word-for-word but to summarise and paraphrase it in your own words, while still giving a citation and reference; o Don’t mention the names of colleagues but call them ‘Manager X’ etc;

Use two theories or styles (use one for management and one for leadership) to link with what you have observed. Identify the type or style or theory of management and leadership and use examples from your organisation to explain why you’ve chosen each one.

Create a simple SWOT analysis for your client organisation. Identify one factor in each of the four sections and, in each case, explain briefly the This section is based on the materials covered in Week 3; Set out your SWOT analysis in a table and identify each section with a full word; The SWOT analysis must be typed and not handwritten; If you complete your SWOT analysis in a grid and take a screenshot to include in your Assignment, you must count the words yourself and include them in your total. (Word will not count the words in an image). It is better not to use a pre-prepared grid and to use a table as advised above. Alternatively, you can present the four factors in four separate paragraphs;  Choose one factor for each of the four SWOT headings each must fit its heading and must be relevant to your chosen organisation; Your factors must be relevant to the built environment; Choose factors which you can link with your answer to Task c; Explain briefly how each factor might affect your organisation; be specific when you do this and don’t simply say that the ‘will affect’ or ‘have implications for’ the organisation. c. Based on your SWOT analysis, discuss two realistic changes that you would make to the leadership and/or management styles used in your chosen client organisation. Your discussion should include a consideration of how your suggested changes might enable the organisation to operate more effectively within the context of the factors in your SWOT analysis. 

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