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Critical Reflection and Analysis of Team Performance in a Simulation Group

Main Body

The report needs to integrate both personal reflection and analysis using three of the module’s themes, one from HRM and one from OS. The third theme can be from either HRM or OS.

The report needs to integrate reflection and analysis of your team role, participation and performance and application of HRM and OS theory during the simulation.

The executive summary needs to be carefully crafted to reflect scholarly skills at this level of study. Do not under estimate the time to draft and redraft your final executive summary. The full report must be attached to the summary and not exceed 4,000 words.

Critical reflection and analysis of the simulation group in relation to three of the following themes. One from OS, one from HRM and the third from either OS

Team working across cultures

Working ethically.

You need to have an overall argument (integrating theme to your discussion) and underpin your ideas by referencing relevant appropriate academic sources. Remember that the starting point of your reflection and analysis is the situation(s)/experience of working in the PPD group. We are not asking for a summary of the theory rather you need to use the theory to gain a deeper understanding of your experience.

The main report (maximum 4,000 words, submitted not marked) suggested format:

• Main body which explores your main argument in relation to the three themes and is critical and analyses your experience in the simulation group using the theories and academic literature.

• Recommendations derived from your discussion.

Introduction: Gives an overview of the summary and orientates the reader. So include: A brief (very brief) outline of the situation experienced in your group. The themes you are going to use in your reflection and analysis, what your main argument is and a brief statement about the structure of your summary.

Main Body: Explores your main argument in relation to the three themes. This section ideally should be structured according to your main argument and broken down into specific argument points which flow from one to the another in a logical way. It is useful to signpost the reader to the relevance of your point to your overall discussion through the course of your discussion. Remember that you are critically reflecting and critically analysing your team experience, so the starting point is your experience.

All points and assertions should be underpinned by theory/academic literature and apply the theory/literature to gain a deeper insight into your simulation group experience. Demonstrate critical evaluation. This is about taking nothing at face value and questioning everything by asking what, where, way, when, how etc questions. The critical evaluation needs to be woven into your discussion as part of your argument.

• Considering alternative explanations. Introduce a range of theory/literature to show you recognise different views.

• Recognise limitations of an approach/theory/model etc.

• Considering the theory in relation to your team experience, how useful is it in helping to explain what happened for example?

• Having an integrating argument which leads the reader through your discussion also demonstrates critical scholarly skills.

Derived from the analysis and reflections and underpinned by theory/academic literature. These recommendations may ideally relate to your future global team working and/or the future working with your PPD team. Conclusion: A very brief conclusion which summarises your main points made in your summary. Refer to the marking criteria to ensure that you meet the assignment requirements. Worth remembering: Anyone should be able to pick up your report and read only the introduction and conclusion and fully understand what your analysis is about and what it concludes.

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