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Services Marketing in Aviation, Events, Hospitality, and Tourism Sectors

Module summary content and aims


Marketing is one of the core management functions in any public, private, or not-for profit organisation. Changes in the external business environment, including the development of social media and mobile technologies, are presenting new opportunities and challenges to marketers in the THL industries. This module introduces students to the principles and practice of services marketing, with a specific focus on the aviation, events, hospitality, and tourism sectors. Students will discuss, evaluate, and apply relevant tools and techniques that are used by marketers to provide, price, and promote their services and brands to current and prospective customers in a changing business environment.

Module summary content and aims

The aims of this module are to:

introduce, evaluate, and apply the major concepts and frameworks in the field of marketing

  1. Develop an understanding of consumer behaviour.
  2. Explore the managerial skills, tools and techniques required to develop the extended marketing mix.
  3. Provide students with an opportunity to develop managerial and marketing skills and to improve their communication

Learning outcomes to be assessed

At the end of this module students should be able to:

LO1 Apply the fundamentals of service sector sales and marketing in each business context.

LO2 Evaluate and discuss elements of the extended marketing mix as they apply to aviation, events, hospitality, or tourism.

LO3 Review and appraise the influence of the external business environment on marketing.

LO4 Identify and assess differences in buyer behaviour and needs among different market segments within the hospitality / tourism / aviation / events sectors.

LO5 Formulate marketing recommendations that achieve specified objectives

LO6 Effectively use relevant and reliable sources to generate relevant information

Indicative Contact Hours

Teaching Contact Hours

42 hours

Independent Study Hours

158 hours

Total Learning Hours

200 hours

Assessment and feedback

Summative assessment grid

Type of Assessment

Word Count or equivalent


(if Professional Body-PSRB applies)


Pass Mark

Indicative Submission week

Method of Submission & Date of Feedback (refer to BB)

Written Assessment







Week 6

Friday 12th November 2021


Turnitin – Feedback with 15 working days

Oral Assessment




Equivalent to 1500 words




Week 12

Friday 7th January 2022

Slides Submission




15 and 16

Times and room to be advised

Slides on Turnitin

Presentations according to schedule

Feedback with 15 working days

If your course is accredited by a Professional Statutory Regulatory Body (PSRB), the module requirements will specify the elements of assessment that must be passed and may override the University regulations. Please speak to your Course Leader for further advice.

Assessment brief including criteria mapped to learning outcomes

Assessment task 1: Written Assessment (Individual Report)

The following learning outcomes are assessed in this assignment: L01, L02, L03, LO4,

The Report Brief: Within your industry sector, select a company/organisation/event of your choice.

  1. Briefly introduce the company/ organisation/
  2. Identify and explain the product/service they provide, paying attention to core and supplementary services. Give two examples of Supplementary services provided and discuss how the tangible and intangible elements effect their promotion.
  3. Using segmentation principles(theory) identify and explain two target markets for your chosen case, based on a discussion of the product and the promotion that is undertaken by your chosen company/ organisation/ event. Choose your case
  4. Select two current key drivers no more that 3 years old of external change and evaluate how they may affect the service provision of your chosen company/ organisation/ event, with a particular focus on product and

Helpful notes:

Understand what the brief is asking you to do

Introduce the report – what you are going to write about and how will you research your work,

Find and select the relevant information

Distinguish between evidence and opinions

Use examples from industry to illustrate your points

Plan and structure the information so that different points of view are presented

Include a word count at the end of the report.

Report 1500 words - You must stay within 10% +/- of the word count (does not include the list of reference).

Refresh your memory on a report format.

Must be written in report format – Executive Summary, introduction, main body, conclusion, and references.

Construct a reference list following the Harvard system

Write clearly and concisely using plain English Check grammar and spelling (English UK, not English US) you must include relevant academic theory all references and bibliography must be in Harvard Convention (minimum 15 sources)

Refer to learning resources on blackboard site for additional information

Marking criteria

Embark & clarify


Evaluate & reflect


Organise & manage


Analyse & Synthesise






Submitting the assignment

Important notes regarding your submission:

Submission via Turnitin: resubmissions allowed, separate “Late” inbox

    • This assessment element is to be submitted to Turnitin. You will find a link to the Turnitin Assignment from the Assessments area of the Blackboard course menu.
    • You will need to ensure that your assessment is uploaded as a single document, and in the correct format (e.g., a Word document or PDF – the acceptable file formats are displayed on screen when you come to submit via Turnitin).
    • When submitting, please enter your student ID number in the “submission title” The document itself should contain your student ID number in a header or footer; your name should not be visible on the work.
    • Turnitin generates an Originality Report, and you are encouraged to make use of this facility as a support tool to help you ensure the source material in your assignment is correctly referenced before final
    • You will be able to submit revised drafts of your work up until the assignment due date. Only the final version will be marked by your
    • At the due date and time, no further submissions or changes are Whatever is in the Turnitin inbox at this time will be regarded as your final submission.

A separate submission box is provided for students with an agreed extension or submitting under the 5 Day

Before submitting work, please complete the following checklist:

There are no spelling mistakes in my report (also check word choice)

There are no grammar mistakes in my report

All referencing in our presentation is complete and appropriate

Using the assignment’s marking rubric, I have self-assessed the report

I have submitted the correct report (i.e., not a draft copy or the work for a different module),

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