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What do I need to do?

For an organisation of your choice that originates from a developing or an emerging market, you should conduct a strategic analysis and write a 3000-word report to be presented to the management board covering:

-Identification of the major opportunities and threats facing the company in its home country by utilising macro and micro-environmental analytical tools. (Please note that we do not want to see the workings/process/audit of the analyses but your findings regarding the critical factors/issues that the organisation need to take into account when thinking strategically).

-Evaluation of the organisation’s threshold and distinctive resources by utilizing the VIRO analytical tool.

-Recommendations regarding future international expansion. If the organisation is local, should it consider foreign expansion and why? If the company is already operating overseas, should it continue with further expansion and why?

Ensure you use tools learn throughout this course to assess the above beyond just basic observations. This will require deep research and analysis.

How should I present my work?

Report Template

Please use Microsoft Word and include your reference list at the end of your assignment. (use Harvard style, for support visit

How can I obtain guidance?

Please note that you must take responsibility for asking if anything is unclear or if you require extra support.

You must demonstrate the assignment you submit is your own work and that it does not fall foul of plagiarism (copying someone else’s work without an appropriate attribution). The library guide will provide more advice and support.

How and when do I hand my assessment in?

Work must be word-processed/typed and should clearly show your student number.  You are required to keep a copy of work handed in. 

You should submit your work to SOLE, which is available via your student portal. You should also submit your work into Turnitin on Blackboard and include the receipt of the Turnitin report in your SOLE submission. If for any reason Turnitin is not working, please submit to SOLE before the deadline and then submit to Turnitin, even if after the deadline.

See the University’s guide to uploading and submitting assessment items via Blackboard:

See the University’s guide to uploading and submitting assessment items via SOLE

How will my assignment be marked?

Specific marking criteria for your assignment is provided in the Grading Matrix, which can be found on page 5.

You are strongly advised to check your completed work against the Grading Matrix to ensure have completed all areas required.

How will I get feedback? Feedback, using the grading matrix below, will be made available via Sole on by the 8th of May 2020.

What do I do if I have problems which prevent me from submitting my work?

It is essential that you submit your work, in order to be able to pass the module.  However, if you are unable to submit your work on time you must contact your Module Leader or Personal Academic Tutor.

Unless you have an application for mitigating circumstances accepted, if you submit your work late, but within 7 days of the due date, you will have your work marked but the grade will be capped at the minimum pass grade.

What do I do if I am ill or have personal problems?

There may be occasions when you are unable to submit a piece of assessed work on time or attend an examination or presentation due to exceptional and unforeseen reasons that are outside of your control. If this occurs, you may be able to submit a claim for Mitigating Circumstances. This means that if your claim, which must be supported by independent evidence, is accepted your work will be marked or you will be allowed to resubmit the assessment or retake the examination.

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