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Nanomedicine, Ethics and Social Relevance: Literature Review

Chapter 11 of Nanomedicine: End-of-Chapter Problems

Read Chapter 11.

Do end-of-chapter problems (pp 380-381):  11.2, 11.3, 11.7, 11.8, 11.9, 11.13, and 11.14.

Read Chapter 11

1.What percent of the US population has their dna sequence deposited in the CODIS?

2.What is ‘grey goo’?

3.What is the statistical uncertainty in identifying an individual by DNA?

4.What are some behavioral traits alleged to be (to some degree) genetic in determination?

5.Describe how 3d printing can make ‘organs on demand’.

  2. ROSZEK (RIVM, Netherlands) “Nanotechnology in Medical Devices”

M Meyyppan (NASA, Ames) “Nanotechnology: Pharmaceutical”

1. What nanotools could measure the surface roughness of scalpels mentioned in slide 4?

2. Some surgeons do surgery with the assistance of MRI (in real time), why do you think they use ceramic rather than steel scalpels?

3. How is magnetic-induced thermotherapy different than photothermal ablation?

4. What are some of the capabilities of multifunctional nanoplatforms?

5. What ‘nanostructure’ is used to enhance ultrasonic imaging?

6. What is the function of nanocoatings on stents?

7. What is brachytherapy?


1. What are some desirable features of dendrimers for drug delivery?

2. What is cyclic voltammetry and how does it employ carbon nanotubes?

3. How many electrodes can NEAs have?

J. LISKIEWICZ AND E.R. TÖKE, “Nanomedicine applications towards the cure of HIV” Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine 9 (2013) 28-38. (copy available on lesson site).

1. How were HIV antivirals targeted to the lymphoid tissues?

2. What is cART and why is it not  cure for HIV?

3. How can NPs be targeted to DCs?

4. What is DermaVir?

5. What are VLPs and what is their function?

6. What are the latent HIV-DNA reservoirs?

7. Briefly summarize (in words) what Figure 5 shows?

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