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Frequently Asked Questions About Project Duration, Resource Management, and Project Scope in Constru

What is the process for calculating duration?


Q: The scope list sheet gives us the main activities and allows us to calculate the duration of each. The sub activities, which we come up with in the WBS, are then each assigned a duration by us that fits into the scheduled time for the main activity it is under to our best reasonable estimate correct?

A: Yes, as also explained in the Week 10 Lecture video, if you calculate 30 days to install Fencing (which includes fencing around the site and any gates and fencing around the dog park, fitness area and soccer field), you can split that main activity into many activities. The total duration of all activities should not exceed what you calculated for the main activity. You can determine additional activities to add under the main one by looking at the WBS and doing research online if needed.

Q: I can't find an estimated budget to the Fitness Area and as a result I won't be able to determine it's duration.

A: Because I forgot to add it. Fitness Area will be 10,000 SF and an estimated budget of $85,000. The crew resource will be 4 laborers, 1 Operator, 1 Foreman

Q: Are the green spaces between all the construction items grass ? and is it a part of the Landscaping Budget?

A: Yes and Yes.

Q: Also, I am not sure what (L.S) unit stands for?
A: Lump Sum, meaning there is no breakdown of a unit quantity, the entire thing will cost that amount. 1
LS is for 1 unit. And 2 LS is for 2 units costing that amount each. The price is for 1 unit.
Q: Why we are not including the dump and the concrete trucks in the estimated budget and when will we calculate and consider them?
A: In the crew resource size I did not add equipment, but you can. In MS project you can add equipment under the resource sheet, and label it work. Make equipment cost $300/hour. So if you have 2 operators, then add 2 pieces of equipment. Include that in your costs. Again, the first submission does not evaluate costs, so its not critical to add cost information to your resources.
Q: What kind of resources that we allowed to add?
A: I gave you the basics, but if you want to add bricklayer or sheetrocker or different types of equipment. Just make sure you put a daily constraint down when you add it to the resource sheet.
Q: In the RFP/ Project description, it was mentioned that the project duration is 250-calendar days, does that mean 179-working days?
A: Sure. Make sure your end date coincides with the contract completion date, or earlier.
Q: The listed milestones include pulling permit for bathroom construction -- what activity is required to be completed before bathroom permits are pulled? Can we assume all necessary permits have already been pulled when NTP is given? (Including other permits such as general site construction permit, fencing permit, water/sewer permits, etc.)

How do we determine the resources needed for each activity?

A: Yes you can assume that general construction permits have been given at the NTP. Certain foundation and building permits, like plumbing and electrical, will be acquired after the NTP. Also, you can add inspections that coincide with the permits.

Q: Excavation is not listed as a major scope item -- do we assume this activity has already been completed, or should we account for it in the schedule?

A: Excavation should be an activity within the major scope items. Assume that the utilities, field, bathrooms/stand need excavations. Anything with a foundation. The playground, spray park, and fitness center will have rubberized surfaces installed at surface grade, so no excavations, but grading is necessary. The only major activity that has been done by the City before our project starts is general demolition and site remediation.

Q: Gas is listed under the WBS -- please clarify where Gas is required and where the gas site connection is located.
A: I put it in as a general utility. You may need gas to heat the bathrooms…

Q: Certain major scope items only appear as a lump sum quantity -- are we expected to estimate these quantities or are we to calculate production rate in units of LS/day or EA/day?
A: Don’t worry about the production rate for LS or EA items. Just find the avg hourly wage, total worker hours, and then you can solve for the duration. Look at the example given at the bottom of the scope sheet.
Q: If the scope sheet is a general guideline, are we allowed to alter the crew sizes as necessary?
A: No. You will end up revising crew sizes in the second submission. Please don’t alter them now.
Q: Please advise on if there is any electrical room/panel/vault for park's electrical equipment, as well as the location and proper code/standard to follow for the construction. (What type of concrete? What size?)

A: I am not specifying codes or types of concrete. That generally doesn’t alter the duration of an activity. Any assumptions you make, please discuss it in the report. Assume each bathroom will have its own panel. The larger bathroom to the north is also designated as a maintenance garage area. I realized after the fact that this is a very large bathroom, so lets assume its also a maintenance area that can include all the electrical components for the park and anything else you want to assume. Electric comes off of the
Edison Pl/Mulberry Intersection.
Q: Please provide a list of major required inspections.
A: Anything you think needs to be inspected.
Q: Will a different fill material be used for the dog park?
A: No
Q: Is the CT daily max 30 yds or 33 yds?
A: 30 yards, not every truck will get exactly 11 yards. So think 3 concrete trucks per day.
Q: CT is never listed in any crew size--is it up to our discretion for how to fit them into the scope?

A: I want to show how materials can have a daily constraint. If you simply put “Concrete” and label it “Material” in the Resource Sheet, you cannot assign a daily constraint. Therefore, I am using the trucks as the resource, each truck holds 10-11 yards, therefore only 30 yards are available each day.Q: In your revised scope sheet example, is the cost for the operator's machine missing? Please confirm that we are expected to include the extra $300/hr cost in our analysis.

A: If you have an operator on an activity, then you can assume it is operating a piece of equipment that costs $300/Hour IN ADDITION TO the operators cost/hr
Q: Should we assume that there is a construction contractor tasked with hiring the subcontractors for the different areas of work or will that be one of our responsibilities? A: You are a CM that is trying to be awarded the Construction Management contract. The City, after reviewing your proposal and schedule, will select a contractor, or GC. You will manage the GC’s cost and schedule, but the GC will employ subs, etc.

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