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Practical Report: Thematic Analysis and Daily Activity Logs


The aim of this practical report is to assess your theoretical and practical understanding of thematic analysis.

3.00am. Wake up to use bathroom and when I return to bed rubs my back for a few moments to help me back to sleep. Then we turn to face the window and I stroke ear to make [partner] sleep.10.10am We wake up and have a cuddle. We talk about what will wear this evening as [partner]is going out to a re-union connected to a nightclub from youth. I am not going as I’d just like to do what I want this weekend. Last weekend was spent looking after Mum. I’m not a nightclub person, hateall the noise and having to shout to converse.

I was feeling a tad guilty about not going and also anxiousabout being by herself in Big Bad [Northern town] but is meeting a friend of ours whoI know will put safely into a taxi at the end of the evening. I am making have fish andchips before going out so the drinks won’t go to her head. So I’m looking forward to “Strictly ComeDancing”, chicken and salad and either some  work or reading a book. It depends onthe temperature; we are trying not to use any gas. Will be out so I can’t steal her body heat whilst snuggling up on the sofa. So it might be a woollie blanket and hot water bottle on the sofa or electric
blanket, book in bed tonight.

11.00am ish, [partner] fetches the weekly newspaper, The Saturday Daily Mail. We both like the TV listings.I’ll zoom through the headlines in less than two minutes, will take a week and read it atlunchtimes. I’ll look at The Guardian, Independant, BBC News Online and my Mum’s Daily Telegraphthrough the week. also gets me a stick of licquorice. I give [partner] a piece of 95% cocoachocolate. I have just managed to teach how to eat chocolate properly – this will definitaley savemoney as [partner] was a Cheap Chocolate Pig.

Makes toast with marmite and pudding toast(with marmalade), orange juice and tea for our Saturday breakfast. Washes up as [anxiety disorder] dictates must do this.

4.00 Have roasted and dismembered chicken one for curry and for cats! Cats now stuffed.Has beenput out, but will be soon back as it’s raining. Has hidden under the table and is now claiming thebasket.

We had a slight food misunderstanding. Did her exercise and then went to get fish and chipswhilst I made her a teat. She came back and said “where is your tea?” and I said I wasn’t having any.Hadn’t realised I was roasting chicken two for a salad this evening and had got fish and chips forme too! Never mind, it will save me messing with food this evening! Does mean we have a whole roast chicken and curry on the go. Maybe I freeze something? I’m not good at planning and organisation thanks to change my mind constantly; this drives me and my sister mad but seems to just take it in her stride. 8.00pm Watch “Merlin” and read at the same time. See off in taxi as raining too much for the bus.

Married, Heterosexual

Had to go to work early to organise interviews.Still left to do the morning routine. End up arguing with [Partner]. He decides to do the washing up thismorning.I have to leave them at home and rush off to work. I know [Daughter] is upset, as she likes us to leavetogether.Sends me a text, but I cannot turn back, as it would make me late.[Partner] is home at his normal time. We all eat dinner together.Get [Partner] to take [Daughter] to bed. I want some alone time. Spend tonight on the sofa watching TV.Don’t have to do the morning routine. As tomorrow is an inset day for [Daughter], so no nursery.[Partner] is supposed to be taking her to work. So he can get her ready tomorrow. 

[Daughter] comes down to find me in the morning. [Partner] is still asleep.Get her breakfast and get myself ready.[Partner] not dressed when I leave for work. I don’t think he is going to make it into the office with her.Get a call at work not going to work, he is going to take her swimming instead. Asks me to check times atlocal pool.Get in from work at 4.30pm. [Partner] has just got ready to take [Daughter] swimming!Commented that [Daughter] didn’t look well when she got back. She is tired eats little.[Partner] is tired. They go to bed early.

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