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Importance of Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship

Understanding the Major Phases in the History of Human-Environment Interaction

Learning Outcome  
LO1: Understand the major phases in the history of human-environment interaction Tutorial Activities and Participation Research Project
LO2: Identify the importance of the study of the environment and Human’s role in its sustainability Tutorial Activities and Participation
LO3: Understand some of the major environmental challenges confronting modern society, especially UAE society and the need to take the role of stewardship.

LO4: Analyse existing regulatory frameworks related to sustaining the environment on global and local levels    Tutorial Activities and Participation
LO5: Review the ethical role of humans in conserving earth resources and importance of one planet living.


Sustainability is the capacity of earth’s systems and human cultural systems to survive, flourish and adapt to changing environmental conditions into the very long-term future.  It is the responsible interaction with the environment to avoid depletion or degradation of natural resources and allow for long-term environmental equality. The practice of environmental sustainability helps to ensure that the needs of today's population are met without jeopardizing or compromising the ability of future generations to meet their basic needs. If we take a closer look at the natural environment, we see that it has a rather remarkable ability to rejuvenate itself and sustain its viability.  


However, when man enters the picture and uses many of the natural resources provided by the environment, things change. Human actions can deplete natural resources, and without the application of environmental sustainability and conservation methods, long-term viability can be compromised.  In 2012, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development met to discuss and develop a set of goals to work towards; they grew out of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) that claimed success in reducing global poverty while acknowledging there was still much more to do.  It acknowledged the concept of nature having certain rights and that people have stewardship of the world and the importance of putting people at the forefront of solving the emerging global challenges that we face today, through sustainable management of the environment and conservation of its vital resources.

UAE Sustainable Development Initiates are working on the same principle to conserve resource and achieve One Planet Living In your groups, keeping the sustainability and conservation themes in mind, choose and research any ONE (1) of the topics Based on the research paper, your group must give a formal presentation using power point slides and other visual aids to the class and your tutor in Week 6,7 and 12,13, during Tutorial class. You will be graded by your tutor.

In order to be considered for a grade of Pass (P) or better in this subject, students must achieve the minimum required mark in the Final Examination (see page 1 for required score); students who obtain a composite mark greater than or equal to 50% but do not satisfy the Final Examination minimum pass requirements in the final examination will be awarded a “Technical Fail” grade.


Students must ‘reasonably’ complete all assessment tasks (including the required score for the Final Examination,) and submit these as specified in the subject outline. ‘Reasonable’ completion of an assessment task will be determined based on the instructions given to the student including: word length, demonstration of research and analysis where required, adherence to the Plagiarism Policy guidelines, and completion of each section/component of the assessment. Failure to submit all assessment tasks may result in a Fail grade awarded for the subject.

All students must read and be familiar with the following UOWD policies and documents, which are available on the Student Online Resources ( website by following the Policies link:

•    Academic Grievance Policy
•    Academic Integrity Policy 
•    Campus Access and Order Rules
•    Code of Conduct – Library Users
•    Code of Practice – Students
•    Copyright Policy
•    Intellectual Property Policy
•    Library Regulations
•    Minimum Rate of Progress
•    Music, Video and Software Piracy
•    Non-Discriminatory Language and Practice & Presentation Policy and Guidelines 
•    Special Consideration Policy & Procedure 
•    Student Attendance Policy
•    Student Conduct Rules
•    Rules for use of UOWD ITTS Facilities
•    Teaching and Assessment: Code of Practice – Teaching
•    Teaching and Assessment: Assessment and Feedback Policy
•    Teaching and Assessment: Subject Delivery Policy

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