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ACC1115 Project Management  

Referencing Styles : Harvard | Pages : 4

Required:As the company’s management accountant, you have been invited to write a report to the board of directors which recommends which option is the most suitable for the company. When writing your report and formulating a recommendation, you should: oEvaluate each option, explaining how you will decide between them, weighing the pros and cons of each option. As part of your discussion on costs, you should identify the fixed and the vari...

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ACCT6007 Financial Accounting Theory and Practice  

Referencing Styles : APA | Pages : 7

Task: Learning Outcomes   1. Explain the relationship between accounting theory, the accounting conceptual framework and accounting standards.2. Work individually and in groups to identify and apply appropriate accounting Context:This assignment develops research and critical thinking abilities. It is a critical analysis/review of an academic article.Changes in technology are impacting accounting and how accountants perform their jobs....

Read More arrow Australia 5 financial accounting theory and practice 

ACC3005 The Accounting Research Project  

Referencing Styles : Harvard | Pages : 8

Task: Unit Learning outcomes1: Critically analyse and apply theoretical and technical accounting knowledge.2: Examine and critique regulatory and sustainability issues relevant to accounting practices including social and ethical concerns.3: Conduct a research project and identify key steps of the research process Description of the research projectThe main objective of this research project is to confirm your ability in conducting research an...

Read More arrow Australia Penrith 5 the accounting research project  

Accg3015 Accounting  

Referencing Styles : Harvard | Pages : 3

When you think of the accounting profession what comes to your mind? What contextual factors do you think could influence the accounting profession? Describe the people you expect to interact with as an accountant. What role do you think you should play in contributing to your community as an accountant? What might the clients and fellow employees expect of you as an accountant? What skills do you think you should possess to be a success...

Read More arrow Australia 5 Accg3015 Accounting Australian Catholic University 

GSB003 Managing Financial Resources  

Referencing Styles : Harvard | Pages : 6

Task: Assessment Purpose The underlying learning objectives that we are seeking students to demonstrate are that you:• Have knowledge of good practice budget principles and can apply these principles within a work context to evaluate a chosen budget process, • Understand key costs/revenues and be able to interpret how they ‘behave’ within a work context, • Are able to draw on the budget process evaluation and the an...

Read More arrow Australia Adelaide 5 Finance 

ACCT6001 Accounting Information Systems  

Referencing Styles : Not Selected | Page : 1

Apply technical knowledge and skills in creating information for the workplace using spreadsheets andrelational databases(e) Communicate with IT professionals, stakeholdersand user groups of information systems

Read More arrow Australia 5 ACCT6001 Torrens University 

TACC605 Corporate accounting  

Referencing Styles : Harvard | Pages : 8

Task: Topic: - Wesfarmers acquired Bunnings This is a case study assignment and following answers need to be addressed. There should be introduction, answers to the questions, conclusion and reference part.Questions: -1.What drives the need for the company in your case to consider mergers and acquisitions? 2.Is that a good time to be engaged in a Mergers and acquisitions transaction in your case, and why? Structure of Presentation: Is broken i...

Read More arrow Australia Robertson 5 Corporate accounting Top Education Institute 

ACCT6007 Financial Accounting Theory and Practice  

Referencing Styles : Open | Pages : 6

Explain the relationship between accounting theory, the accounting conceptual framework and accounting standards.d. Work individually and in groups to identify and apply appropriate accounting standards to a range of authentic accounting scenarios.

Read More arrow Australia 5 ACCT6007 Financial Accounting Theory and Practice Torrens University 

ACCT2006 Management and Cost Accounting  

Referencing Styles : APA | Pages : 4

Questions 1)Calculate the unit support cost per policy for new and in-force annuity and life insurance policies using the new allocation bases. In addition, calculate the total support costs to be reported by product for each legal business unit entity. 2)Why would Hampton want to track that information by product even if that level of detail was not required by regulators? 3)Will the new support cost allocation information help Gibson Insuranc...

Read More arrow Australia Granville 5 management and cost accounting Australian Catholic University 

ACC305 Management Accounting  

Referencing Styles : Harvard | Pages : 8

Task: Learning Outcome:Analyse the issues or problems (in a given scenario) using management accounting techniques and tools, and formulate recommended solutions. Assessment details:Assume you work as a graduate for a large consulting firm. As part of your professional development, you have been asked to select a newspaper / magazine article (written in English) which raises management accounting problems regarding a specific organization, wh...

Read More arrow Australia 5 management accounting Kaplan Business School 

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