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You are to prepare a Demolition Plan for the works as detailed in the plans for the project.  An application for a permit to demolish or remove a building must include the following  information: • a description of the building(s) to be demolished • a site plan showing the building in relation to boundaries, other buildings on the site  and adjacent sites, streets, footpaths and crossings • details of protectio...

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Building and Civil Engineering  

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Word limit: 1250 words (not including references) This assignment invites you to discuss risk management strategies that need to be considered in typical building and civil engineering projects. This assignment requires each student to choose one of the following cases and write a discussion paper on it: Green buildings Infrastructure developments Workplace health and safety in construction projects Prefabrication projects STRUCTURE: The paper sh...

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Make a report about review of green Building and make sure to answer all the question The important thing that to add References (Harvard stile) and citation   What is a green building? What qualifies as a green building? Design Requirements  Why are they designing green buildings? Examples – collect data and compare performance to a normal building.  

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  • Course Code: CPCCBC4011B
  • University: Victoria University
  • Country: AU

This report will require planning and time to gather the relevant information and present it to an industry standard, a standard you would present to a client that would have your building organisation viewed in a professional light. Obviously if you follow a building from start to finish this assessment will take some time to complete, so it is expected you may supplement your selection of building site with images accessed from the internet. ...

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CPCCBC4004A - Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects (1)  

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Identify and complete the table for the appropriate material/ plant, and labour prices required for completion of works for each trade.  (Note: these figures will not necessarily be used within the following tasks).  Ensure costings are shown and reference name/ link or website provided where shown. Complete the student worksheet – · Task 1.2a Materials · Task 1.2b Plant · Task 1.2c Labour

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Individual Report This is individual work and must be completed separately from your group assignment. Write a 2000 word report on one of the following topics: ? Lightweight roofing systems reducing energy heat transfer ? "Green garden" facade assemblies for residential flats ? Modular construction methods ? Structural retaining wall options in subfloor regions ? Sound attenuating window systems for residential buildings For your chosen topic, re...

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Abbot Suger Famous and Gothic Style  

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What is Abbot Suger famous for? Who was Abbot Suger and how did he initiate the Gothic style? How did Gothic architecture begin? Which is an example of Gothic style?

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Management   Solved

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Assignment-2 ASSESSMENT TASK Now that you have an understanding of your research topic and its importance you need to plan how you will undertake research that addresses this problem. This plan is formally known as a Research Proposal. A good research proposal will demonstrate that you have a clear vision of what you want to investigate, what data or information you need to obtain in order to address your research question and how you will obtain...

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Radar Diagram  

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In this Second Discussion Forum you will be carrying out the discussion about the GERD DAM Project. You are expected to be able to better understand the case study by now. Your Tasks: 1) Express and discuss the Four main complexity types (Structural, technical, temporal and directional). 2) How do you view each complexity type in the case of GERD project 3) Do you see various level of impact of these types in the case of GERD project. Discuss whi...

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Power Generation  

Referencing Styles : APA | Pages : 7

In this group assessment, you are required to write a ~2000 word report that critically analyses the conceptual design phase of a systems engineering project. The case study can be from any application area, such as public transportation (e.g. light railway), power generation (e.g. Snowy Hydro 2.0) or bridges (both large and small). However, choose your case study carefully and ensure that there is enough material available so that you can satisf...

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