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Course Code   :  H300
Course Title   :  mechanical engineering
Ref style  :  Harvard

Answers: 1Describe Three Uses Of Ultrasound That Involve Airborne Emissions And The Typical Pressure Levels Of Ultrasound That Are Produced By These Devices. Describe How Air Absorption Varies With Frequency, Humidity, Temperature And Pressure And Calculate Air Absorption At 40 KHZ for 50% humidity, 25 ºC And A Pressure Of 100 KPA. (B) What Directivity Is Typical Of Airborne Ultrasound Transducers At 40 KHZ? (C) An Ultrasonic Transducer ...

Course Code   :  EG503G
Course Title   :  computational fluid dynamics
Ref style  :  Open
4/5 star rating

ObjectivesIn high pressure turbine gas turbine engine, 30% of the losses is due to leakage flows over the blade tip. Tip geometry is known as one of the main factors affecting these flows. It is the aim of this project to study the behaviour of these flows over different designs of the tip. The project will be performed computationally using ANSYS software. Objectives This project aims at: Creating 3D models for blade tips on CAD. Conduc...

Course Code   :  MP4702
Course Title   :  advanced materials and materials selection
Ref style  :  Open

School of Engineering UCLan Coursework Assessment Brief Academic Year 202 2-202 3 Module Title: Advanced Materials and Materials Selection Module Code: MP4702 Level 7 MP4702 – COURSEWORK BRIEF This assessment is worth 30 % of the overall module mark THE BRIEF/INSTRUCTIONS • Dependi...

Course Code   :  EA4026
Course Title   :  advanced structural analysis
Ref style  :  IEEE

NVIDIA Q1. I will choose NVIDIA. Indeed, even with the pandemic, NVIDIA was a reasonable champ, indenting gains of 122% in 2020. The organization's designs handling units were up front for a significant number of the patterns that sped up last year, giving the organization a lift all the while. That additional to NVIDIA's as of now amazing execution, with the stock up over 3,000% in the previous ten years.Given its critical additions, finan...

Course Code   :  MEC313
Course Title   :  finite element techniques
Ref style  :  Open

1 Executive Summary The reports shows the results of amodelled clevis assembly under tensile test of aaxial load ad afixed support. The set up and analysis are carried out in Ansys software. The highest strain and stresses are obtained around the contact regions of the assembly while the largest displacement is experienced around the loaded further element from the fixed end. The stress experienced on the pin exceeds the ultimate tensile s...

Course Code   :  MEC516
Course Title   :  fluid mechanics i
Ref style  :  Open

MEC 516/BME 516/AER 316 Virtual Lab 1: Measurement of Dynamic Viscosity 1. Introduction The objective of this lab is to determine the dynamic viscosity (μ) of a commercial gear oil. The viscosity will be measured at room temperature using two methods: (i) a rotational viscometer and (ii) from the terminal velocity of small spheres falling through the oil. The virtual lab consists of a video titl...

Ref style  :  Not Selected
4/5 star rating

Carefully read the following instructions and guidance. They are designed to assist you in providing in providing a portfolio of evidence that best demonstrates the comprehension and application of your engineering knowledge to Washington Accord equivalence. Familiarise yourself with the definition of ‘complex engineering problems’ (Appendix One) as you are required to demonstrate you can apply your engineering knowledge to so...

Course Code   :  MECH883
Course Title   :  nuclear materials
Ref style  :  Open

Displacement ThresholdPlease answer the following questions using content seen during the lectures, content from textbooks and content from peer-reviewed articles, as needed. Displacement thresholda. What is a displacement threshold?b. Enumerate three methods to measure or calculate it. What are their pros and cons?  Primary damage production efficiencya. How can one calculate the efficiency of primary damage production, as a rati...

Course Code   :  AHT038
Course Title   :  design management
Ref style  :  APA

AssessmentYou have been asked to develop a simple design for a two bedroom (double and twin), two storey house to be built in Salford. This is to meet NHBC requirements. Your client is keen to understand how the designs you proposes comply with or exceed the building regulation and what changes if any the home owner will be able to make without applying for planning permission. The site has good bearing capacity and strip foundations should...

Course Code   :  NG3S242
Ref style  :  Vancouver

MethodologyDescribe the use of heat exchanger to support an industry process to improve energy efficiency. Example of situation where heat exchanger was used in an industry application. Briefly explain steps taken to acquire all the lab data correctly and accurately. Outline the important elements need to be considered to maintain the consistency of data being recorded. The rates of heat transfer. The Logarithmic Mean Temperature Diff...

Ref style  :  Harvard

Design OverviewFigure 1 shows a jack designed to lift small unit body cars of up to mass 514 kg. The car is raised and lowered by turning the 150mm handle which is attached to the threaded bar of diameter 10mm. Figure 1: Car Jack Design (Souce: Merian & Kraige) All parts are made form Alloy Steel with a Young’s module of 210GN/m2, Poisson’s ratio of 0.28 and a yield strength of 620.24 MN/m2. For the configuration shown det...

Course Code   :  ENGGMG7121
Course Title   :  Professional Engineering Practice
Ref style  :  APA
5/5 star rating

The Role of the EngineerThis written assignment contains 2 separate sections and a total of 100 marks and carries an overall course weighting of 50%. Submission is due no later than 8pm on Sunday the 15th September in the assignment drop box on the Moodle course page. For the new gas turbine power station built in Taranaki (refer to Project Background references attached to get you started, but you should find your own references as well): ...

Course Code   :  MG6136
Course Title   :  design
Ref style  :  Not Selected
4/5 star rating

Learning OutcomesThis project is worth 30% of the total mark. It consists of two parts as following: Part 1: Group work. This part required the member to work along together to solve/create a problem solving for the given engineering problems. It is worth 10% of the total marks and it marks by 100 points. Part 2: Individual Contribution. In part 2, the member must submit an individual report reflecting own contribution toward the group c...

Course Code   :  ES96V
Course Title   :  finite element methods for tunnelling
Ref style  :  Harvard
4/5 star rating

Objectives of the Design Study Report1. To use finite element methods in a rational and controlled manner and to avoid common pitfalls. 2. To demonstrate understanding of the theory of finite elements and their application. 3. To demonstrate understanding of numerical modelling methodology as applied to tunnelling problems, such as: 2d plane strain soil elements and structural elements boundary conditions mesh density and mesh dependency of th...

Course Code   :  MECH1082
Course Title   :  mechanical principles
Ref style  :  Harvard
4/5 star rating

All questions within a case studied must be answered (equivalent wording: 1500 words) Case Study 1 You are an engineer assigned to the design team of a machinery driveshaft that can connect itself to multiple torque-transmission stages, as shown in the diagram of Figure 1. Figure 1 – Torques applied to the driveshaft Draw the internal torque diagram for this driveshaft, specifying the most sensitive stretch (segment) of th...

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