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10 Steps to Prepare a Strong Marketing Proposal

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Marketing proposal is the key for advertising and public relations firms to boost a long and reliable relationship with clients. Marketing proposal is required when the client company feels the need for advertising or public relations project to be undertaken by the firm. Here is a guide on how to prepare a marketing proposal for a business.

Ideal structure of a marketing proposal

The things you must keep in mind while creating the structure of the marketing proposal are:

  • The marketing proposal should be well-reversed with information and heavily researched that can eventually land you with a long-term contract.
  • The structure varies depending on the industry you are in and what your clients expect from you.

Essentials of a marketing proposal

  • Determine the problems in the current marketing campaign in order to identify improvement areas.
  • Search for fresh opportunities that can benefit the company in the marketplace.
  • Introduce realistic and measurable goals that will provide clarity with regards to the effectiveness of the plan.
  • Provide assistance for future marketing efforts of the company.

How to make a marketing proposal?

Step 1 The overview

The objective of writing the overview is to demonstrate how well you understand your client company, where it actually stands in the market place, the market conditions it faces and lastly how you/your company can help them to achieve the set goals and objectives.

Step 2 Your proposals

Here you introduce your campaign ideas in brief. You need to write down a summary of your proposed assessments. But be careful with the details. Do not reveal so much that they implement your ideas without hiring you. Here you convey the message to your client that you have a plan and you will reveal it only when they hire you.

 Step 3 Support your ideas

In this next stage, you highlight statistics to your prospective client so that they develop beliefs in your notions. In some cases, you unfold insight of the areas of opportunity that are unknown to your clients.

Step 4 Set goals

Narrow down your goals that you plan to achieve on priority basis. For example, complete the marketing strategy and schedule within 30 days. In this way, your client can see a list of deliverables, the sets of expectations and benchmarks for success.

Step 5 Be accurate with the results

In this stage, you and your client will decide how the steps will be taken towards success. For example, increase the number of unique visitors on the website by 15 percent within 60 days of the campaign launch. By doing so, you can actually build confidence in your client. It can benefit you in many ways and you can measure your success with the help of this scoreboard.

Step 6 Discuss your value

At this point, you establish credibility with your clients. Here you point out your previous success, best practices, technological advances and previous and/or current client accomplishments. Be sure with the value that you provide to your clients.

Step 7 Time management

Here you mention the estimated time that you will take to plan, execute and provide proper analysis of the idea(s) and when you can start the project.

Step 8 Methodologies and alternatives

Don’t limit your client with one alternative; give them more and more options to empower them to decide how they will use the ideas based on their needs.

Step 9 Terms and conditions

At this step, you present the following information:

  • Financial charges for each of the above options.
  • The terms and mode of payment (how much do you need in advanced to start a contract, are there any discounts on full payment etc.).
  • Expenses terms.
  • Any other conditions that you want to implement in the marketing proposal.

It is better that you keep your list of terms and conditions as short as possible, especially with corporate clients. Keep it minimal and let their legal team decide if your marketing proposal needs legal involvement.

Step 10 Acceptance

At the last step, your clients check their desired option, signs and dates. Give them an easier way to send the contract back to you.

So this is all about how you make a marketing proposal.

Ways to execute a marketing proposal

There are several strategies to execute the marketing proposal. Some of them are discussed below:

Brochures (leaflets and flyers)

Brochures are considered as a cost-effective solution for marketing. It comes with upfront costs and high distribution costs. You make sure that the recipients are your prior targets. Otherwise, your efforts will be ruined.

Electronic mail:

It is still an effective way in terms of implementing your marketing proposal. Direct mail can range from coupons, catalogues and sales letters.

Printed advertisements:

Find out what type of print publications your target market usually consumes. It can be many like weekly magazines, broadsheets, or free tabloids. Sponsored articles are also a good idea, where you target market can read about the features of your products/services.

Online advertisement:

This is a mandatory marketing tool of any marketing proposal. There are many ways to promote on the internet i.e. search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertisement and social media marketing.

So, that’s all about marketing proposal. If done correctly your clients will keep coming back to you. The results depend on the objectives and measurements you provide within your marketing proposal.

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